What is Sarahah Application and how to use it

Sarahah App

Do you know what is Sarahah app and how it works . Very fast this is becoming viral in social media. This is the app on everyone’s tongue. even after being so viral it has a lot of feature. Complete information about this app will be given in today’s article.

Have you ever wondered what your friend or someone else thinks about you. But there must be a lot of questions in her mind that if I say something, she will not feel bad or will agree. Or someone wants to tell you some advice or what is wrong with you. But due to some problems people cannot tell you all this.

If something happens that someone praises you and tells the inside thing without revealing your name. Maybe you would understand my point. So friends, today we will talk about one such app, so let’s start.

What is Sarahah App

Sarahah app is an anonymous messaging app . This is an app in which you can message without revealing your address. Sarahah means honest. It is also being called Honest app. By the way, it runs like a messaging app. click here

When a user or you have registered in this, in this Sarahah app you will get a link which you can share with your friends on social media sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram.

Whoever writes something about you by clicking on this shared link of yours, then that message will come to you immediately. But you will never be able to know who has sent your message. This is the specialty of this app and for this reason this app is going viral.

Through this app you can know what people think about you. If someone of yours wants to say something to you, then through this app, he can speak anything without giving any of his information.

Now let me understand you with an example: – Downloaded this app from Play Store. After that you registered in it. After registration you will get a link in this app.

Now you have to share it in Facebook or anywhere else. One of your friends clicks on the link of this Sarahah app of yours. Then a new text box will open. Now here your friend writes something like “You look very handsome”.

Immediately a message will come in your saharah app. There it will be written “You look very handsome” but you will never know who wrote this message.

How to use Sarahah.

You must have known that this is such an app. Where you can send unknown messages to any other Sarahah app User without telling your address. This app comes in the list of top rated apps.

This app has got 17000+ 5-Star Rating in a very short time. 1 Crore people have downloaded it. So now let’s know how to use it.

  1. You can download this app from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
  2. Now by opening the app, click on Create New Account and there you will have to click on Sign up by giving Username, Email id, Password.
  3. Re-enter the username you have created in Sarahah app and the password you have entered and click on Sign in.
  4. As soon as you sign in, you will get a link there. You can share this link in any social site (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram) by clicking on the share icon. When someone clicks on this link of yours, you can send any message. But you will never know who has sent this message.
  5. If you find any message wrong or insulting, then you can also block it.
  6. You can also lick like an unknown person by searching some user name and some profiles can also be fake in it.

You can also put your profile picture in it and after the update of this app some new features will also be added to it.

History Of Sarahah App

History Of Sarahah App

In Saudi Arabia, it was initially used through a website. The name of the developer of this particular app is Zain Al Abidin Tawfiq. The purpose of making this app was that employees get the right to speak everything about other employees without revealing their names.

Means some employees want to tell a lot. But due to someone’s fear or fear of leaving the company or due to other reasons, they were not able to tell.

But later a thought came to Tawfiq’s mind, why not use this concept in personal life like getting some feedback from friends. To whomever should be told something about the mind or the matter of the heart. At that time this website had spread in the Middle East and Aferica, now it was the turn to spread it towards the West.

On 13 June 2017 Tawfic launched the Sarahah app. This app was released for both the platforms i.e. Android and iOS. Which the user can download this app from APP Store and Play Store . Within no time Sarahah app became Viral. Within a short time, it was included in the list of Top Free Apps and Trending Apps.

What are the disadvantages of Sarahah App

Just as everything has its advantages. it also has disadvantages. Right now this is a very successful app. But this app is also being told as Honest app. But this app also has some flaws. Any derogatory word can be sent through this app to the one who has little Emotions and weak heart. Which can also depress his mind. click here

Privacy is also a big issue in this app. Meaning that any message like Hurtful and shocking, obscene things, comments are being sent about you through this app, people have to say the same.

Do not think that all your friends are friends, some of them may also be of poor thinking. Some friends can be enemies too. They will also send you such negative messages that you would never have imagined. But you can’t harm him either. This is my opinion, download this app at your own risk.

Family members and teen angers also say that through this app, threats are also being received. Those who survived after reading the message and the family members are also upset. I read a review in Google Play in which a 13-year-old girl was threatened with death. So now you yourself think what effect can this app have on the mind of your children.

Benefits of using Sarahah App

Benefits of using Sarahah

According to me, there is not much benefit in this, yet I will tell here to win.

  • who will never know your introduction
  • You can send a good message to anyone, keep in mind that you should message well.
  • No one can reply to your message.
  • You can message for free.
  • You can tell your mind to anyone.
  • If someone is sending a wrong message, then you can block it.
  • You can add the message that you liked to Favorite.

My Final Opinion On This Article

The only purpose of writing about this app was that everyone should get this information that you should know its advantages and disadvantages. Along with this, you have come to know what is Sarahah app and how to use this app . I would like to say this, download this app wisely. By the way, its rating is currently 3.1. Have fun and be happy.


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