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upcoming games

Almost 7 months have passed since the year 2022 started. In the meantime, several games have responded to the PC game industry this year. Blockbuster games like God of War, Elden Ring, Ghost wire :Tokyo or Dying Light 2 have already hit the market. Let’s know about the games that will come as a must play for the gamers in the rest of the year or the games that have the highest interest, desire and expectation of the gamers. Upcoming Games 2022.

Saints Row

Saints Row may not have been heard of by those who started PC gaming in the last few years. But at one time Saints Row Franchise was hugely popular in the world of open world games. Four games of this series were released from 2006-2013. Especially Saints Row 3 gained a lot of popularity and occupied a separate place in the industry. The series then went through some ups and downs. Saints Row 4, Get Out of Hell was pretty average, not up to Saints Row standards.

Saints Row is coming back after a break of about 7 years. Old gamers wanted the comeback of this series a lot. Their wishes are fulfilled by Deep Silver and Deep Silver Volition. The Saints Row series is going to be rebooted through the game. Different types of missions, side missions/jobs, different weapons, cars, customization, exciting story, action packed gameplay are the trademarks of Saints Row. It remains to be seen how Deep Silver can present these things to us again in 2022. Needless to say, we will have high expectations in terms of graphics as well. Below are trailers.

Marvel’s Spiderman Remastered

There is also good news for Spider-man fans. The remastered version of Marvel’s Spiderman is going to be released next month. With next-generation graphics, gamers are getting a chance to recreate the previous journey with Peter Parker. The game, which will be released on August 13, can be ordered for 60 dollars (5000 ars in Argentina).

Upcoming Games FIFA 23

Regardless of the troll memes surrounding EA Sports’ FIFA franchise, there’s no denying that FIFA rightfully gets a limelight every time a new FIFA releases mid-year. The popular Bengali saying of old wine in a new bottle is FIFA haters, even regular players use it during the release of FIFA. Mims are no less, EA and trailers, teasers, new architecture, engine, implementation of technology and tell the story of the new “ultimate football experience” through it. Regular FIFA players know and understand how much change actually comes. The FIFA revolution started with FIFA 11. Since then EA has been trying to bring new generation, new trend in football games.

whats new:

AI Enhancement,graphics,Players movement,physic,skills,shots,trainings,career mode have come everywhere with huge changes over a long period of time.

FIFA franchise

Signature game modes like Volta and EA’s integration with UEFA have been added in the last few years, giving FIFA players a taste of the UEFA Champions League. FIFA builds on the Frostbite engine before the fair. EA introduced us to Hyper Motion at FIFA 2022 where the integration of machine learning with advanced full team mocap data promised the smoothest and most realistic gameplay experience.

This time, the second version of hyper motion or the updated version of Hyper motion 2.0 has been used in FIFA 23, which will certainly increase the experience several times more than before. There will also be many more new additions. Women’s teams, their leagues, and gameplay have been given extra attention. EA has officially signed an agreement with Juventus, so the original name and logo will return to Juventus. The latest team, players and latest rating, skills, forms and needless to say, there will definitely be. It is heard that the ratings of many established players including Messi and Neymar may decrease in this year’s FIFA 23. Readers can learn more details from the gameplay reveal trailer.

The game is currently on pre-order. It will be released on September 30. Pre-ordering on Steam’s global region will cost $70. On the other hand, it will cost 9000 ARS in Argentina and if you want to buy directly from EA App, you will have to count 3500 rupees (standard edition).

Overwatch 2

A popular name for the Competitive FPS Genre is Over watch. Sequel of this game is coming now. Developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment, this game will initially be released on October 4. This time it will be a free to play game.

A Plague Tale: Requiem

Everyone who has played A Plague Tale: Innocence, the game’s story, environment, graphics or soundtrack, above all, it took a long time to get out of the illusion, illusion, shadow of the entire journey. A Plague Tale Innocence won the hearts of gamers in all aspects, the conversation of Leo, Amicia, their characters, their journey together, their relationship took place in the history of the entire industry.. The biggest enemy than the human enemy was the terrible rat. read more: Greatest Video Games in the PC Game Industry! (Second Phase-Mordan Era 2006-2015)

Gamers used to get immersed in simple gameplay with a different but charming story, danger step by step, turn of events turning one by one in various unexpected dramas and the situation gradually getting complicated and finally moving forward from the life of two brothers and sisters. ; In fact, it is not possible to describe the beauty of Plague Tale Innocence even with these. Intelligence and morale played the main role rather than strength of body or arms.

Gamer Ra became Amicia’s partner in this battle to save her brother. Now the second part of this amazing game is coming soon. As we get Hugo and Amicia more mature than before, the enemy will be more dangerous than before. The game will be released on October 18, Steam users in South Asia can buy it for $50. If you have an account in the Argentine region, you will need to purchase 3500 ARS.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Call of Duty. An emotional name for a large section of PC gamers. Activision has been heavily criticized for playing on that emotion at various times.

Modern Warfare II

Especially starting from Black Ops 3 to Infinite Warfare, there was no end to the criticism about the gameplay and plot. However, with Black Ops Cold War or Modern Warfare 2019, they won the hearts of cod fans again. click here

Modern Warfare 2019 was the very first game reboot of the Modern Warfare series, the developers tried to give a taste of the golden era of the old Call of Duty with new story, gameplay and graphics. This time the reboot of Modern Warfare 2, the second game of Modern Warfare, is coming in that continuation. You can pre-order on Steam for 70 Dollars / 7000 ars.

Gotham Knights

The Batman Arkham series was like a dream. Almost every game was mind blowing, gamers enjoyed a lot. It has been many years since the last game of this series. Almost everyone was missing it, wanted a reboot or remaster or something. This time DC is rebooting Gotham right, but in a different way!!!!!

Gotham City without Batman! Many people will find it very interesting; At the same time, it is annoying to many people. Gotham City’s infamous, crime-ridden trademark villains will remain intact, barring Bruce Wayne AKA Batman. Many will not be able to imagine, the rest will not think so much. But what if there is no Batman, DC’s famous Batman family is still there. Their mission this time is to save Gotham. But this time they don’t have to be in Play as a side hero or side heroine. The gamer will have to move forward with Robin, Batgirl, Redhood, Nightwing as the central characters. Details in the trailers.

Released on October 25th, $60 to count, 5100 ARS in Argentina.

The Callisto Protocol

The survival horror adventure genre is very popular among PC gamers. There are many games of this genre as well. This time another game is going to be written in this genre, The Callisto Protocol. It can also be placed in the genre of survival horror, adventure and action. The game will feature a plot set 300 years in the future. Many have been impressed by the trailer and other content of the game. Based on the so-called first impression, the expectation on this game has skyrocketed. Publisher Krafton, available for pre-purchase for $60. The game will be released on December 2nd.

Hogwarts Legacy

This open world adventure RPG game will be released later this year.


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