From offering birthday gift ideas to planning trips, Snapchat’s AI Chatbot will help users

Snapchat AI chatbot If you use Snapchat, you may be delighted by this information. The app’s Snapchat AI chatbot is available for users to use. Only paid customers have had access to this facility up until now.

A significant update to the well-known instant messaging program Snapchat was just made available to users. The business had previously stated that it would soon make its AI chatbot available to people all across the world.

Who may use the My AI chatbot?

The AI chatbot for Snapchat The rollout of my AI chatbot is currently underway. In several nations, Snapchat users are getting access to this feature. India’s name has now been included in this episode.

If you use Snapchat too, you could be delighted by this information. On your smartphone, you can use the My AI chatbot on Snapchat. In actuality, this Snapchat function was previously only accessible to paying app users.

It is well known that this company’s feature is an experimental chatbot powered by AI that has been created just for Snapchat users.

What projects will Snapchat’s My AI chatbot assist with?

Users regard Snapchat’s My AI chatbot as unique in a number of ways. Users will be able to accomplish a variety of tasks with the aid of this tool, such as get recommendations on Snap Map and lenses, get birthday gift suggestions, get assistance with trip planning, and much more. Users of Snapchat can also choose a special name for My AI. Users can also choose their preferred chat wallpaper in addition to this.

What characteristics does the Snapchat My AI Chatbot have?

Actually, the popular OpenAI chatbot ChatGPT’s features are included in the Snapchat My AI Chatbot. There are countless Bitmoji versions included.

Additionally, it offers the user the option of customisation based on their preferences. Users of the app can create their own unique Bitmoji for AI. Additionally, users can send snaps and get chat replies using My AI.

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