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Adaptive charging keeps the smartphone Battery Health Good

Battery Health

Bad battery life can ruin the entire smartphone experience. However, no matter how big or small the battery is, it is normal that the phone needs to be charged. But the problem is that the phone’s battery degrades over time. The Adaptive Charging or Optimized Charging feature in the phone tries to avoid such problems. This Article is mainly related to Battery Health. click here

Why does battery life deteriorate over time?

If you use your smartphone for a long time, you must have noticed that its battery life is decreasing with time. Basically, the battery loses its capacity over time, so the charge does not last long.

A new battery has 100% battery health, meaning that the entire capacity of the battery can be used in the device. Due to regular charging and discharging cycles, the battery health of the phone continues to decrease. But getting rid of this problem partially is not that difficult. Battery health can be maintained by charging the phone battery when it reaches 20% and removing it from charging when it reaches 80%. However, it is very difficult to follow this in real life.

Battery Life

Many of us charge the phone before going to sleep and wake up to find that the phone is 100% charged. The phone charge has gone up between 99-100% several times while sleeping. A phone’s battery usually lasts up to 80% battery health after completing 500 charge cycles. That is, after charging 500 times to 100%, the phone’s battery health reaches 80%.

In most cases we change the phone before this cycle reaches big numbers. But charging the phone at night is considered a charging cycle even in raising the battery to 99-100%. Adaptive charging can solve this problem. However, it is not a future-proof method. Even if you charge your phone to 80%, its cycle will be full at some point. But the adaptive charging system can keep the bike slightly slower. click here

What is Adaptive Charging?

It is good to keep the phone charged at 20-80%, but if you charge the phone at night then it is not possible to follow this rule. And adaptive charging makes sure that the phone is charged in an intelligent way.

Charging the phone at night with the adaptive charging option on keeps the charge at 80% for most of the night. Before waking up, the battery starts charging again and finally reaches 100% full charge. And through this, the charge of the phone can be easily discharged from 99-100% and the battery life can be prevented from decreasing rapidly.

Adaptive Charging

Besides, if your phone does not fluctuate between 99-100%, keeping it at 100% charge for a long time will have a negative effect on the chemical condition of its battery. Adaptive charging gets rid of this problem. Because adaptive charging stops its charge level up to 80%. Then you can take it off the charge yourself if you want.

But in some cases if you don’t take it off the charge then the system will assume you are actually asking for 100% charge by stopping it at 80% for a long time. Then it will charge up to 100%. However, this policy may differ depending on the phone brand.

Adaptive charging is a feature of Google Pixel phones. But many Android phones have this feature. Some devices have this feature turned on automatically, while others can turn this feature on or off. Do n’t forget to check the feature to keep your Android phone’s battery health good.

You will find the same feature called Optimized Charging on OnePlus devices, Adaptive Battery on Samsung Galaxy devices, and Optimized Charging on iPhone. It also helps to keep iPhone battery health good.

Adaptive charging basically selects the best time to fully charge the phone by following the user’s phone’s alarm and usage routine. This feature needs to be given some time to adjust to the user’s routine if the phone is not fully charged when required. These features work to protect the phone’s battery health for a long time by temporarily protecting the phone’s battery from degrading due to charging cycles.

Over optimization is not good

Adaptive charging is a charging optimization feature. Phone backup can be boosted a bit by battery optimization, but over optimization is not a good thing.

Over optimization

Companies like Samsung and Xiaomi block apps in the background in some cases to increase the battery life of their phones. Due to this over-optimization by smartphone companies, sometimes even notifications from important apps are missed.

Don’t Kill My App! There is a website called, where Android manufacturers optimize their battery and what problems it causes in using the phone. Excessive closing of apps can lead to annoying app performance or missing notifications.

Almost all devices handle battery optimization pretty well. All the manufacturers try to provide the best battery life in addition to making the user experience amazing. If the battery life of Samsung or Xiaomi phones is bad, then their sales will be negatively affected.

All in all, adaptive charging is a great feature of smartphones. If you have this feature on your phone, make sure to turn it on, it will keep the phone’s battery health good for a long time.


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