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Samsung Galaxy A32 5G like iPhone! There is a 30000mAh battery, the modified version is placed on the shelf

Nowadays smartphone has become a constant companion of more or less all of us. Not only talking, from taking pictures to searching the internet, doing various urgent tasks, etc. these things are used all day long these days. And the lifeblood of this essential thing is the battery, without which the smartphone is completely useless.

As a result, if we have to leave this eternal companion for a moment, our mind becomes completely burdened. But we all create a distance with the phone at regular intervals for charging. To put it simply, what a terrible thing loneliness is, it can be felt in the bones if you put it on the mobile charge at this time! Click Here

Now think about it, if it was the case that once the phone was charged, it could be used for a few days, then wouldn’t it be great! In that case, you must say that what is the use of thinking about such unrealistic things? Is it possible for this to happen again?

So let’s say, in today’s age of modern technology, many impossible things are made possible by people. And recently, a person has done a stunning thing by adding a 30,000 mAh battery to an affordable smartphone of Samsung, increasing its performance six times, which netizens have been amazed to see. Let’s take a closer look at this amazing phenomenon.

A man turned the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G phone into a powerhouse by packing a 30,000mAh battery

Most of the smartphones available in the market come with 5,000 or 6,000 mAh capacity batteries. But recently, a Reddit user named Downtown_Cranberry44 blew everyone away by installing a 30,000 mAh battery on his Samsung Galaxy A32 5G phone. Now surely the question is coming to your mind that how did that person do this amazing work?

In that case, he removed the internal battery stored in his original phone and added six Samsung 50E cells instead. As a result, the battery capacity of the handset has increased by 6 times compared to the previous one. Naturally, due to this, the charge of the device also lasts for a long time, surely there is no need to tell separately.

Along with the battery performance, the weight of the phone also increases

However, as six Samsung 50E cells are connected, the battery backup time of the device has increased, but there is not much benefit. Because so many batteries are installed simultaneously, the weight of the phone increases to more than 450 grams. Obviously, it’s practically impossible to carry around with such a heavy phone in your pocket. Incidentally, after the addition of six batteries, the modified phone now has multiple ports available, including USB-A, USB-C, micro USB and the Lightning port found on various iPhone models.

The modified phone design is not realistic at all

Let us inform you that the smartphone with a 30,000 mAh battery takes 7 hours to fully charge, and the device offers up to two days of battery life when used continuously. However, the handset is capable of providing weeks of standby time for mobile use. Note that since the modified device is not made by a branded company,

it is only formed by the hands of a common man, so its battery percentage does not show accurate data; 1% battery charge is always displayed on the device screen. In that case, experts feel that it is extremely inappropriate to make such a device with your own hands without following the scientific method.

Don’t forget that someone at home should not try this kind of modification on the phone

Let’s say in this context, apparently the entire incident seems to be quite funny, but from a scientific point of view, it can be said without a doubt that doing this kind of work is absolutely inappropriate. Because smartphone manufacturing companies do a lot of testing and install a battery of a certain capacity in the phone. As a result, common people should not tamper with it at all.

Such modifications can only be done by a certified specialist or a person involved in the manufacture of the handset. In that case, doing this kind of technique on the phone at home will not only increase the possibility of short circuit, but also the phone may suddenly explode, due to which people may lose their lives prematurely.

Therefore, according to the advice of experts, you should not tamper with your smartphone by using your own common sense. In that case, only those who need a phone with a higher capacity battery can think of buying a handset from a well-known company in the market, which has a 6,000 mAh battery.Read More

And we all know that fast charging technology has become available in almost many phones these days. As a result, if the two things are matched, the users can use the smartphone easily for any task in their daily life.


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