RTX 4090 to be launched in August?

Apparently, it is not too late for NVIDIA to launch its RTX 40 series. According to Latest Rumors, Leaks, the GPU of this series may be launched in August. The Lower Tier Model will continue to come in the coming months; The most powerful RTX 4090 will be launched at the beginning.

First RTX 4090, then RTX 4080 and 4070

Video card claims ADA Lovelace will return in August. RTX 4090 will be launched as the first GPU of the RTX 40 series. The current launch schedule of the RTX 4080 is scheduled for the very next month i.e. September. The RTX 4070 could be launched in October after the RTX 4080. click here

Video card says so far this schedule has been confirmed. However, the future may change. Their own formula is that this date may change as Board partners still have plenty of RTX 30 series GPUs in stock.

Possible specifications based on various information and rumors that have been leaked so far

Different types of information have come out about the RTX 40 series GPUs at different times. While no specific information has been found about the specs of any particular model, some of the common specs of the 40 series or some of the common high end GPUs of the ADA Lovelace lineup have been found to be as follows: (Many of these data are not confirmed). click here

RTX 4090:

  • AD102-300 GPU
  • 16128 cuda cores
  • 24 GB GDDR6X video memory, the speed of which can be 21 GBPS
  • 384-bit memory bus
  • TDP can be 450W.
  • There will be a single 16-pin power connector.
  • RTX 4090, 4080 PG139, i.e. can feature the same board.


According to kopitekimi, a popular and trusted liqueur, the RTX 4090 will be twice as fast as the RTX 3090. Although so far no benchmark has been found in support of this.

A previous leak of the kopite says the RPX 4090’s FP32 computing power could be 100TFLOPS. In that case it will be 2.5 times more powerful than 3090ti in terms of raw computing power.

As many leaks as TDP, Power connector

According to the latest leak from igorslab, the PCB of RTX 4090 may be exactly like RTX 3090 TI or the same PCB. And the PCB design that came out through this leak will have four display output ports, and only one 16-pin connector.

According to the most recent leak, the TDP of the RTX 4090 will be 450 watts.

Earlier, another leak from Kopite suggested that NVIDIA’s next-generation GPU may have two connectors of 900 watts TDP and 16-pin.

Earlier it was heard several times that the TDP could be around 800 watts of the 40 Series GPU, 450 watts + TDP was reported more than once.

Cooling Hitting Leaked: Will there be a cooling system like the 30 series?

Pictures of the cooling heatsink of the RTX 4090 have been leaked on Chiphall’s forum. From there, it seems that Nvidia can have the same design and cooling solution as the RTX 30. One fan on each side of the GPU on the opposite side, V-Shaped PCB can be seen. click here

Larger L2 Cache? PCIe5?

Every 64-bit memory bus can have 16 MB of L2 cache memory, according to the leaked file. As such, the amount of cache of RTX 4090 can be 96 MB which is really amazing. This could be the perfect answer to AMD’s Infinity Cache from Nvidia. click

It was heard from another leak that there will be no PCIE5, in that case maybe PCIe4 interface will be seen. However, the 900 watt, 16 pin two connectors that were heard, if the information is true, then the interface PCIe5 seems more realistic.

Information about RTX 4080,4070

  • 16 and 12 GB of video memory (GDDR6X, GDDR6), respectively
  • Memory bus of 256 and 192 bits respectively.
  • AD103 and AD104-400 GPU
  • TDP of 450 watts and 300 watts respectively.


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