Outlast Trials: What We Know So Far

What does a perfect horror game mean to you? Mysterious storylines, protagonists that will draw you in throughout the game, bone-chilling soundtracks, stressful environments, etc. There are a lot of horror games that meet these conditions, such as Blair Witch, Amnesia or Alien: Isolation. But today I will discuss about Outlast Trials.

The Outlast title has carved a place in the minds of the video game lovers apart from other games.

After the release of two titles back to back, it’s time for a new Outlast title.

Outlast was released in 2013. The game of survival horror genre makes gamers understand how helpless they really are in the environment. The gamer must run and hide most of the time, as directly facing hostile NPCs is a bad option.

The gamer has to use the night vision feed of the camera in the dark environment. This nightvision feed will require batteries, which the gamer will have to hunt around for. This actually adds a survival element to the game.

In Outlast-1, the gamer will be represented as freelance journalist Miles Upshur. Miles receives an anonymous e-mail one day. In which it was said, some inhuman experiments are being done in Mount Massive Asylum. And the owner of this private asylum is the Markoff Corporation. Now your job is to explore the entire asylum. But when Miles arrives at the asylum, a major disaster has occurred. Whether he played a role in the crash, the whole Asylum exploration, or whether Miles was able to report the Asylum…the story of Outlast-1 revolves around it.

Following the path of Outlast-1, Outlast-2 was released in 2017. Gamer will be represented here by investigative journalist Blake Langermann. The Markoff Corporation is back, this time making their experiments a cult. Accompanied by his wife, they wandered the Arizona desert to solve a death mystery. After the helicopter crash, they are captured by members of the cult. The story of Outlast-2 is based on these events.

Like Outlast-1, Outlast-2 uses found footage characteristics. Except for some scripted scene, the gamer cannot fight with hostile npc here.

However, in Outlast-2 the gamer can use a state-of-the-art camcorder, which allows him to get a good view, using a sensitive microphone to detect distant footsteps. Also added was the inventory system, which will let the gamer know how much footage has been recorded.

Ending all speculation, Outlast: Trials is coming. Until now, Outlast was a single-player game. But for the first time, developer Red Barrels is experimenting with multiplayer in an Outlast title.

The story of Outlast:Trials revolves around another experiment of the Markoff Corporation. This time, the gamer is going back to the Cold War. The Markoff Corporation is conducting experiments on human guinea pigs. Their purpose is to find new ways of brainwashing and mind control.

First of all, Red Barrels is experimenting with multiplayer. As part of this, Outlast: Trials will be playable in 4-player co-op mode. Or, the gamer can play the entire mission alone.

As we’ve seen in other Outlast titles, the gamer takes on the role of an investigative journalist. This time the title is completely different, due to the fact that the gamer is now a test subject (or it would be more accurate to say a prisoner). Each time the gamer will be issued a ‘trial’. Trials are actually a set of challenges, which the gamer has to complete.

Also, in keeping with Outlast’s tradition, the Hostile Monster NPC remains!

In Outlast Trials, gamers can now use Nightvision Goggles. This battery powered night vision can be recharged every time. Inventory space has also been changed, with 3 items added to the inventory Outlast Trials.

As a result, inventory management will very much depend on the gamer, while also deciding what happens in the game.

Various mods and parks have been introduced in the game. Using these, hostile NPCs can be dealt with. Can also work as an intel gatherer.

At the end of each trial, or upon dying in the game, the gamer will re-spawn in a hub area. The interesting thing about Outlast Trials is that here the gamer can customize himself with the loot obtained at the end of each trial. The game even has its own cell on the playa.

Outlast Trials was announced in 2017, first teased by RedBarrels in 2019.

Currently, the game is in Early Access state. The game will get an Early Access release on Steam, May 19 this year.

We will have to wait till then to know how the price will be, how the story telling will be.

Outlast: Trials System requirements

Developer and Publisher: Red Barrels


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