History of Delve

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✅ We must dig deep into the English language’s past to find the origins of delve. ✅The verb traces to the early Old English word delfan and is related to the Old High German word telban, Meanings of delve “to dig. ✅For centuries, there was only delving—no digging—because ✅ dig didn’t exist until much later; it appears in early Middle English. Is the phrase ✅ dig and delve (as in the line “eleven, twelve, dig and delve ,from the nursery rhyme that begins “one, two, buckle my shoe) redundant? Not necessarily. According to the Oxford English Dictionary✅ in some local uses, dig was the term for working with a mattock (✅a tool similar to an adze or a pick✅) click here

Meanings of delve in Hindi


  • गड्ढा
  • गढ़ा
  • दहाना
  • मुहाना
  • संगम
  • गहन शोध करना


  • खोजना
  • खोदना
  • तल्लीन करना
  • खोज करना
  • फावड़े से खोदना
  • खूब छानबीन करना
  • गहन शोध करना

Meanings of delve in Bangla


  • উপত্যকা
  • খনন করা
  • গভীরভাবে অনুসন্ধান করা


  • কোদাল দিয়া খনন করা

Example sentences from the Collins Corpus

✅ And third is to not delve too deeply in the interviews.
The Sun (2014)

✅ They’re where we delve deeply into the complexities of human nature.
Times, Sunday Times (2009)

✅ Knowing that, put off those seemingly urgent matters and delve more deeply into tricky issues.
Times, Sunday Times (2013)

✅ The older the property, the stronger the desire to delve into its past.
Times, Sunday Times (2008)

✅ He would not confirm or deny these points, preferring not to delve into the past.
Times, Sunday Times (2008)

✅He tried to delve inside his memory for clues about what had happened. click here

✅a poem in which a medieval knight encounters a mysterious beauty in a darkened delve

✅Middle English, from Old English delfan; akin to Old High German telban to dig. read more


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