5 best apps to learn English

Hello friends, friends, this post of mine today is related to 5 best English learn ing apps, in which I will give you complete information about these apps. As you know how important English has become in our every profession, We need this language in every area, but it is considered difficult to speak English in our India because we do not use this language on daily basis, nor do people around us like to speak English, so that we do not wish to speak English.

Can’t even learn this language. But the present time has become very smart, everyone has a smartphone, through which you cannot learn the rules of English grammar online by downloading many such applications and using them. Rather, by adopting an English speaking partner or other methods, you can create an environment for learning English. Click Here

But the problem comes to this point – you get thousands of English learning apps on the Play Store, so you have a problem choosing the best English learning app, so my effort will be to solve your problem through this post. Far from it, let us know, there are 5 English learning apps which will be very useful for all English learners to improve their hobby or passion of English speaking.

5 Best English Spoken App

1 EngVarta

Total Downloads– 1 Million+
Play Store Rating– 4.2

This app is very good for english speaking if you are looking for a very good english learner or english speaking app then this app is very good for you. It can help you with your daily spoken practice, so this English learning app is great for you.

It has some special features which are as follows-

It gives you an English expert who can give you the right guidance to improve your English.
If you want to crack any competition but you are not able to converse in English then this will help you.
If you want to give public speech or presentation in English.
If you want to travel all over the world and you do not know English, then it helps you in that too.

2 Duolingo

Total Downloads– 100 Million+
Play Store Rating– 4.5

Duolingo is a very famous English spoken app. Where you can learn English as well as many other languages. Duolingo teaches English lessons in words, sentences, and everything. Duolingo has a feature called Learn with Locals that helps you associate English words with videos of native dialects, as well as pronounce the words out loud. It also teaches to do and demonstrate them.

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Some of the features of Duolingo are as follows-

This app is best for anyone who wants to learn English and wants to learn more and more English words.
An English learning app helps a lot of students who want to improve their English speaking skills.
It gives you very good practice for speaking English.

3 Fluent U

Total Downloads– 500k

Play Store Rating–3.2

This is also an English spoken app which gives you knowledge of English language. This is a very useful app for learner which can help you to improve your English regularly. This app is better than other English learning apps. I am quite different. Here you’ll find a community of English learners who are always ready to help you with pronunciation, vocabulary and even translation. You can even ask people to correct the text you type. It is like a query solving English learning app which you can use anytime to solve any problems related to English.

4 Engvarta

Total Downloads– 1 million
Play Store Rating–4.2

ENGVARTA is a very good app when it comes to learning the best spoken English. In this, you talk to those who are experts in English, this is a very good application for those people who hesitate, feel nervous while speaking English. The experts here help you in correcting your mistakes. They do live sessions for you, in which they also correct your mistakes.

5 Hello English

Total Downloads– 10 million+
Play Store Rating–4.5

Hello English is an Indian app, which is very good for improving your English. This app became famous very quickly as soon as it was launched. In this, you are given lessons on a daily basis and practiced. In this, you also get a test portion, through which you can check your knowledge by giving a test. This app has also got a very good rating on the Play Store, as well as it is also well liked by the people. Read more


Friends, as you have seen that today’s post of mine was related to English spoken app, in which I have told you about 5 apps which can help you in speaking English. Sometimes it seems impossible to do but it is not true that if you have consistency and dedication then no one can stop you from learning spoken English, then I would suggest that you practice speaking English continuously using these apps. So that you will be able to be more and more friendly with the English language. Thank you!


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