What is keyboard and its types?


keyboard is an input device that uses finger-sized buttons called keys to text or numbers on a PC or other device.

You must have used keyboard. Because if you have used a computer or a laptop, then the keyboard must have been used for your typing. But there will be many of you who do not have complete knowledge about the keyboard. Therefore, to understand this post keyboard information in Hindi will be very helpful to those people.

If you already know about computer then you will know about the definition of keyboard in Hindi and why it is used. By the way, let me tell you that we use computer keyboard to enter data in the computer. With this we can also do typing with its help. click here

So that’s why today I thought that why not provide complete information about the type of keyboard to you people so that all your doubts can be cleared. Then without delay let’s start and know what a keyboard is called .

What is computer keyboard

Keyboard is an input device . It is mainly used to enter commands, text, numerical data and other types of data in the computer. A user uses input devices such as keyboard and mouse to interact with the computer.

How is the keyboard connected with the computer?

If we talk about earlier times, then PS/2 or serial connector was used to connect the keyboard with the computer. But if I talk about now, then USB (universal serial bus) and wireless connectors are used right now. click here

Types of Keyboard

There are many different types of keyboard layouts which different region and language. Today I am going to tell you people about those types.

type of Keyboard

QWERTY: This layout is used the most in the world and it has been named according to the earlier 6 letters which you can see in the earlier top row. It is often used in all countries. It is used so much that many people think that this is the only type of keyboard available.

AZERTY: It has been developed in France, according to each other variation of QWERTY layout and it is also considered as standard French keyboard. click here

DVORAK: This layout is designed to reduce finger movement so that typing can be done faster and faster than QWERTY and AZERTY keyboards.

Full form of Keyboard

K – Keys

E – Electronic

Y – Yet

B – Board


O – Operating

A – A to Z

R – Response

D – Directly

Keyboard Shortcut Keys | Shortcut keys of Keyboard

Ctrl +A Used to select all the content of the page.
Ctrl +C Used to copy the selected text.
Ctrl +D Bookmarks the page opened in the Internet browser.
Ctrl +F Opens the find box on the opened document.
Ctrl +I Converts the selected text into italics font.
Ctrl +K Used to insert hyperlink in selected text.
Ctrl +N Opens a new blank document in the opened software.
Ctrl +O Used to open a new file.
Ctrl +P Used to print the opened page of the document.
Ctrl +S Use this shortcut to save the document.
Ctrl +U Underlines the selected text.
Ctrl +V Pastes the copied item.
Ctrl +X Removes the selected text or simply cuts it.
Ctrl +Y Repeats the previous action.
Ctrl +Z Used to reverse its last verb (undo).
Alt +F Opens the option of file menu in the opened program.
Alt +E Opens the option of edit menu in the opened program.
Alt +F4 Closes the opened program.
Alt +Tab Can switch different applications or programs opened.
Ctrl +End Arrives at the end of the opened document.
Ctrl +Del Deletes the selected item.
Ctrl +Ins Copies the selected item.
Ctrl +Home Arrives at the beginning of the opened document.
Ctrl +Left arrow ✅Moves one word to the left at a time.
Ctrl +Right arrow ✅Moves one word to the right at a time.
Shift +Ins Pastes the copied item.
Shift +Home Highlights from the current position of the cursor to the beginning of the line.
Shift +End Highlights the cursor from the current position to the end of the line.
Ctrl + Shift +Esc Opens the task manager of Windows.


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