Instagram Down: The app is down once more in Kakvor, and users worldwide are experiencing issues


Once again, Instagram services are down around the world. A few hours ago today, users of the popular social media platform were reported to be facing difficulties in viewing and scrolling through their feed.

And not just one-two or a hundred people, nearly 1 lakh Instagram users have been affected by this outage. More than 98,000 people have reported the issue on outage tracking website DownDetector, according to Reuters. However, the relief is that after two hours of service outage, the situation is back to normal.

Instagram users are facing problems in different parts of the world

Nowadays, daily social media such as Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp are seen to be down. At the start of today’s Instagram outage, around 180,000 people were reportedly unable to use the platform.

About 24,000 Instagram users in Canada and about 56,000 in the UK have reported the issue to Downdetector. However, the company quickly handled the situation and restored the service.

A spokesperson for the platform’s parent company Meta told Reuters that some users experienced problems accessing their Instagram accounts due to technical issues. However, it was immediately resolved and the company apologized for the incident.

Why is Instagram down?

The real reason behind Instagram down is still not clear. The company shied away from liability by calling it a mere technical glitch.

Meanwhile, apart from not being able to access the newsfeed, Instagram users have been facing problems logging in, uploading content, sending messages and using some other special features for quite some time.

However, Meta’s other social media services such as Facebook and WhatsApp remained normal.


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