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How to make High Quality Backlinks for free? #10 Best Ways

How to Create High Quality Backlinks for Free : All of you want organic traffic on your blog through Google, so we have reached this post and I do not need to tell you that to bring the post up in Google’s search ranking. How important role do backlinks play?

Till some time ago, you used forum submission, directory submission, blog commenting and web 2.0 to make backlink of your blog, which used to work and your posts were also ranked on Google, but Google also always changed its algorithm. Keeps updating them, making them smart and when Google’s spiders crawl to rank the website, they found that most of the websites or blogs that are ranking at the top in Google are such websites or blogs whose content Not so good but they have made so many backlinks because of which they are coming on top. Click Here

Now Google always tries that whatever user searches some query on Google, asks any question of his own, then the user gets the exact answer, only then the value of Google will remain, but all these websites whose content is very good or user-friendly. Didn’t put it but made a lot of backlinks, that’s why they were ranking on the top of Google.

Now to solve this problem, Google changed its algorithm, they made two important updates to panda and penguin, after which now whatever website or blog got backlink created through forum submission, directory submission or web 2.0 first. So he will not get ranking and then he will also be given penalty.

This means that Google has clearly given the message that if you do not have content according to the user, then no matter how many backlinks you make in any way, you cannot be ranked at the top of google.

But this does not mean at all that Backlink has no importance now, it is not at all like that. Backlink is still a very important part of SEO. Even today, if you want to rank your post on a competition keyword, then you will have to make a lot of high-quality backlinks, only then you will be able to rank on the top position of Google.

And the competition on any high-volume keyword is equally high, then you can understand how important it becomes to make backlinks and along with this, the more high-quality backlinks you make on your blog, the more your domain authority. It only increases more and you go on becoming a valuable blog or website on Google.

Now the question comes that how to create High Quality Backlink ? What can be the ways by which we can create absolutely high quality backlink and our blog or website does not get any penalty.

So now I will tell you 10 such best ways by which you will get very high quality backlinks for your blog and that too without any penalty.

But before telling these methods, I want to tell you some things which you must keep in mind while making Backlink.

Keep these things in mind while making backlink
Whenever you give your Blog or Website Link or Post Link on any website, it is similar to the topic of your website or blog, only then you will get a high-quality backlink . For example, if your website or blog is related to tech, then you have to try to make backlinks only from the blog related to tech topic.
Whenever you make a backlink, make it from a website or blog with a high-domain authority, because Google only sees how valuable the backlink you got from the website or blog.

When you give a link to your post on any other website or blog, then you have to keep in mind that the anchor text through which you are getting the link should be similar to the keyword of your post. This is also very important if you want to create a high-quality backlink .

Never pay attention to the quantity of backlink while making backlink, rather focus on making high-quality backlink. Means always focus on making dofollow backlink. The ratio of do-follow and no-follow backlink on your blog should be 70 to 30.

Do not be hasty in making backlink because it is a very sensitive part of SEO that if you get backlink from a website which is not at all according to Google’s guidline, then delete your entire website from Google’s list. Can be done so that no value of your website remains. That’s why always be careful in making Backlink.
How to make High Quality Backlink? 10 best ways

1 Link Roundup

Link roundup is a great way to build high-quality backlinks . In this , you basically search the blog related to your topic on Google and tell them by email that you have seen their blog post and you have also written a post related to the same topic , which is very high -quality content . Can he give you the link ? _

For example – You have written a depth post on this topic “What is SEO”. Now you search on Google “what is the keyword” which is related to seo topic only. You search for such a post and then on any top blog that has written an article related to the keyword, you can tell them by email that you have written a fresh and depth article related to SEO, if that link of your post is in the article with your keyword. If we add then their user experience will be much better.

And the backlink you get in this way is of very high quality.

2 Broken Link

Broken link is an all time favorite way to build high-quality backlinks. In this, you find the link of those pages on the blog related to your industry, on which there is no post for some reason, that page is completely blank. You can search such a page with the help of Broken link checker tool.

And then you can mail to all those blogs and tell them that while searching you found that there is no post in this particular page of yours, so that your User Experience is not getting that good, so can you share this article of mine on this page? But you can add. This is the way of broken link to make backlink

3 Guest Posting

Almost all bloggers know about guest posting that this is an evergreen way to create high-quality backlinks, in this you blogs with high domain authority related to the topic of your blog, which allow guest posting on their blogs for them.

You write a post and then in the middle of that post they can give you a link. But in this you have to keep in mind that the blog for which you are writing the post should be related to the industry of your blog, and the Anchor text on which you are being given the link should match your keyword. And always choose a blog with high domain authority for guest posting.

4 Podcast

Podcast has become very popular now. In Podcast, you present your content through audio. You can tell your content to people through audio by going to the podcast website in the same way that you write through content post or create through video on youtube.

To do podcast, you get many websites where you can tell the content through audio and you can also add a link to your post there, so that you get traffic as well as a high quality backlink.

5 Infographic

In today’s time, when people do not have time to read the text content, then you can present the content in an attractive way in an image or design itself, this is called Infographic .

You would find a lot of free and paid infographic websites on Google where you can submit your infographic as well as add a link to your post there so that you get a high-quality backlink.

6 Quora other question forum

On Google, you will find many such websites related to Question, Answer, where people ask questions and many people also answer them like Quora, Google Question Hub etc. On this type of website, if you register and remain active regularly and answer people’s questions related to your blog in a genuine way, and also you can add a link to your post in the middle there, then this will help you. Not only does your relationship get better with the user, but you also get a free backlinks.

7 Blog Commenting

Now you must be thinking that in the beginning of this post I had forbidden you to make backlink through blog commenting, yes of course I had refused for this method but if you only try to make dofollow backlink So Google thinks that it is not spamming somewhere, so you can make some no-follow backlinks by commenting on the top blog post related to your blog so that the balance remains.

But do keep in mind that you should not just add the link of your post in the comment, but ask your thoughts or any genuine question related to that post and then add the link of your post.

8 Influencer

Influencer is a very good way to make high quality backlinks as well as make the blog famous in a very short time, you can connect with Top Bloggers related to the topic of your blog and tell them about your blog as well as tell them that He should also mention about your blog in his video or post and if possible give you a link. With this, not only do you get a high-quality backlink, but you can also get a lot of traffic.

Or you can write a post about Top Bloggers related to the topic of your blog and add a link to their blog there so that they get a backlink from you and then you can tell them by mail. It is written about them, can they give you backlink on their blog?

9 Quality content

If you want to be successful in blogging, then it is very important for the content to be excellent and if your content is easily understood by people in full depth, then Google itself ranks you top, due to which many Bloggers themselves add you to their posts. That’s why always write a post for the user, not to be ranked on Google. Because Google itself also tries to make the user’s experience better.Read more

10 Get Backlinks as a source

You would have many such websites on Google where you can write posts as a source from where you can get a high quality backlinks . Like there are many news blogs that give permission to write posts and then add you there as an author or source where you can give a link to your blog.


Finally, you have to be very careful while making backlinks, never try to get backlinks from such websites, because of which your website is afraid of getting penalty, always avoid making backlinks from porn sites, spamming websites and low domain authority websites.

I have full hope that through this Hindi post of mine, you must have come to know very well that how to make High Quality Backlink for free . If you have any suggestion or question regarding this post, then you can tell us by commenting.


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