How to Confirm Pregnancy – Symptoms and Other Methods

How to Confirm Pregnancy

Pregnancy symptoms vary from woman to woman. The most obvious sign is absence of period. In such a situation the question of how to confirm pregnancy arises in the mind of any woman.

How to Confirm Pregnancy? If you are trying to conceive, find out more about the symptoms of pregnancy.

What are the symptoms of the first week?

Extreme tiredness, swollen breasts, nausea or vomiting, frequent urination, aversion to certain foods, darkening of the skin around the nipples.

What are the symptoms of the second week?

In the second week, the fetal heartbeat starts in the woman’s abdomen. The pregnant starts spasms in the muscles of the abdomen and arms and legs and feels like fatigue. As the size of the uterus increases, so does the pressure on the bladder.

What are the symptoms of the 5th week?

Fatigue, feeling uneasy in the morning, swollen breasts, urge to eat food, stomach cramps, frequent urination, cramps, and change in temperament are some of the symptoms.

Remember none of these symptoms can decide whether you are really pregnant or not. You can use different types of pregnancy tests to confirm pregnancy like,

Urine Test: How to Confirm Pregnancy at Home

Urine Test

Along with being personal and convenient, a home pregnancy test is one way to get pregnancy results quickly.

It detects the presence of human Chorionic Gonadotrophin or hCG hormone. It is a hormone that begins to be produced by the placenta about 10 days after fertilization. During the first 60 days of pregnancy, hCG hormone levels double approximately every two days. click here

You can buy urine test or home pregnancy test from any chemist. To use it, read the pregnancy test instructions carefully or follow these steps:

Use the pregnancy test 2 – 10 days after the missed period.

  • Use this test in the first urine of the morning. Allow the initial stream of urine to flow and collect in a clean cup.
  • Through the dropper, drop two drops of urine into the pit-like sign.
  • After this, leave the test for some time according to the instructions given. Use the given instruction to understand the result

If your result shows ‘pregnant’ then only you should go to gynecologist for check-up.

For your own good, do not use toothpaste or dental cream pregnancy test at all as there is no scientific evidence for them.

If your at -home pregnancy test results are negative, and you think you may be pregnant

Blood test for pregnancy hormones

Blood test for pregnancy

This pregnancy test checks for hCG . This test can give more information than urine test. Doctors often order these tests to confirm pregnancy 10 days after conception.

Your gynecologist will suggest more pregnancy tests.

Trans-vaginal ultrasound scan

Your gynecologist may recommend a trans-vaginal ultrasound scan to confirm pregnancy. This is done approximately 6-7 weeks after the absence of menstruation. read more

In this ultrasound, the whole picture is seen by the machine through the vagina. Apart from this, the health of more than one baby and pregnancy is also known about the pregnancy.


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