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Power Supply Buying Guide. (PSU)


When buying a PC, the most important thing we pay less attention to is the power supply or PSU. Because it is not as noticeable as RGB or has no direct effect on performance like SSD. But many of us may not know that compromising on these things puts your whole system in danger. Especially in a country like Bangladesh, load shedding, voltage ups and downs happen all the time. All of these things are handled directly by the PSU, using low quality PSUs the pressure of this voltage or the pressure of the load shedding cannot be well controlled by the PSU as they are directly pressed on the motherboard.

Even if there is a UPS, it will not be able to handle these issues. So we need to pay special attention to the UPS as well as the PSU, especially those with expensive graphics cards or PCs with a lot of extra components (printers,

Neither the shopkeepers nor we ourselves give much importance to PSUs during the budget PC build. Because budget PCs don’t need such a strong PSU. But whatever the budget, never use stock PSU. This means that the type of PSU offered for free with the casing is worse in quality than the Chinese No. 2 PSU. click here

An important component of a computer is the PSU or power supply unit. This PSU supplies power to all areas of your PC properly. So this is the important thing we usually neglect. After buying everything, I tell the shopkeeper of PSU to give a power supply, that’s how low quality PSU comes to your PC.

What is PSU?

What is PSU

Any type of electric device runs on electricity. And computers also operate with the help of electricity. And electricity enters the computer with this PSU. The power supply distributes power correctly to each component of your computer. And if the PSU can’t power the component properly, then there are many problems like hardware / software in the PC. Such as auto restart, hang, PC slow. And your components can also fail to say big problems. Many years ago my 256 MB graphics card for this PSU was dead! At that time, a 256 MB graphics card was equivalent to the current 2 GB card.

Ways to recognize a good power supply

Good quality power supply means branded power supply. Even if the price is a little high, you should never use cheap Chinese PSUs, or the PSUs that are offered for free with casing should also be avoided.

Branded PSU has a feature called Overvoltage Protection. Its job is to control the pressure of electricity. Many kinds of problems can occur in the hardware if the excess voltage of the computer goes out of demand. So before buying a PSU, check if there is this feature.

Good quality PSUs

Good quality PSUs have a separate Efficiency Rating. It plays a significant role in saving electricity. It should also be checked at the time of purchase.
There is a chance that parts will burn out due to normal PSU use. If you save Tk 5,000 in the power supply unit and your graphics card of Tk 30,000 is lost, the loss is ultimately yours.

If you have a good brand of extra power PSU now when upgrading components in the future, then you don’t have to think about PSU separately.

How to buy the right PSU?

Power demand:

The most important issue in choosing a power supply is to calculate how much electricity you need. Usually 550 watt power supply is sufficient in budget buildings without GPU. However, if you have the latest heavy graphics card, you will be safe if you take a 1000 watt power supply.

Power Calculator:

There are several websites on the net where you can calculate how much power you need for power supply. Once there, you will select all the components of your build and then it will tell you how much power you need. click here

Always remember that all these sites will never give you 100% accurate results. As shown in the picture above, despite having a moderate powerful GPU, I need a 606 watt PSU.
You will always take 100 or 150 watts more than this calculation.

Future upgrades:

If Major is thinking of bringing any upgrade in the future, he will also add that future component while calculating. Then there will be no problem to buy a new power supply separately.

Efficiency rating

The higher the power, the better the performance of the power supply. Along with Watt, there should be Efficiency Raing. With this rating you can understand how much DC current the PSU will send to your PC and how much power loss will be due to the hit.

Suppose a PC needs 300 watts of power to run. There, if you use a power supply with an 85% rating, it can give your PC 353 watts of power input. On the other hand, if you have a PSU with 60% rating, it will draw 426 watts of power. If you need 300 watts, the remaining 128 watts of electricity is being wasted standing in your place, it will hit your PC and your electricity bill will be higher.

80 plus certification

80 plus certification

When buying a brand power supply, you will find that most of them have 80 PLUS certification. It is a certification program that gives a kind of warranty to the efficiency rating of the power supply. There are several types of 80 plus.

If you have a graphics card, always try to buy a power supply labeled 80 Plus Gold or above.

Casing in the casing?

Casing in the casing

It is common sense. You have to keep an eye on whether the power supply chosen in your casing will ambush. Because the power supply will be inside your casing so make sure it is big or small.

The sound of a fan

sound of a fan

Power flows through the power supply to your PC. And so like other parts, psu also generates a lot of heat. And for the power supply to run properly, it uses a fan to keep it cool. If your PC is in a relatively low sound room then the sound of PSU fan can be heard. In this case the power supply with large fan will generate relatively less noise.

Cable management

Flagship power supplies usually have full modular cables. Budget power supplies, on the other hand, have fixed cables. And in the midrange you will find a semi-modular cable system. There is no need to go for high end power supply if you can manage the beautiful cable by enduring the hassle of fixed cable in the casing.
But if you want minimal cable in the casing then you have to go for full or semi modular cable system.

High quality efficiency = low noise


I have to write another paragraph on efficiency. Because now people are beginning to understand that the role of power supply in the overall noise output of the PC. Your good power supply will help you to sound out much less when the PC is running under heavy load.
That’s why you should buy a power supply with more efficiency if you want a PC with a quiet sound. Because the higher the PSU Efficiency, the lower the thermal load. And then the fans will not need to rotate at high speeds. click here


Teaching a shortcut. Suppose your PC has a 3060 TI graphics card. Now go to Google and search by typing PSU – 3060ti. Diameter! You will see some of the best power supply models for you in the results. Needless to say, you may not get these models in the country. On the other hand, if you build a PC in a good shop, you can choose the right power supply by making the right calculations with the help of the shopkeeper. click here

A friend of mine bought a power supply for Rs 3,000 and it died in just 6 months. Later, with provocation, I bought him a good brand unit for 18,000 rupees. It’s been 4 years now, and no problem.

Remember, PSU is an important part of PC build but it is not the most important part. So buy the ‘best’ PSU instead of the ‘best’ PSU. You need 650 watts and there is no point in wasting money by buying 1500 watts with RGB.

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