Full Details of LLB

Full Details of LLB? We often see that various issues and incidents happen in our adjoining neighborhood in such a way, in which a tense atmosphere of family enmity is created due to two individuals, institutions or small and big domestic issues.

In this situation, many times, instead of resolving some issues mutually, they get caught separately, which becomes difficult to solve. click here

However, our society has been built on this point that along with the right of people to lead their independent life, it is also mandatory to follow some social dignity and personal discipline.

When domestic or social conflicts or strife start passing beyond the limit, then it becomes an essential thing to take recourse to the judicial system or law. Because in almost all the countries of the world, there are laws or rules related to human relationship with human rights to social life .

Law is the rule of society and the rights of individuals and the option of solving the problems of life in a better way, provided that all people understand and follow it in the true sense.

Whether the dispute is related to money, goods or life, you must consider it appropriate to take the basis of law at the time of calamity. And at this time, the first thing that comes to your mind is that of a lawyer or advocacy profession, who has the knowledge of all the details related to law and its correct use.

If you are also interested in studying law and making a career in it, then this article is going to prove to be very beneficial for you . In common parlance, a person is called a lawyer or a lawyer.

What is the full form or meaning of LLB?

Lawyer is one of the highly regarded careers, in which the graduation level education has been addressed in this way as LLB i.e. Bachelor of Legislative Law .

meaning of LLB

In this education, knowledge of all the sections related to law, social and personal laws, provisions made of law on subjects like protection of property and life etc. is provided.

In almost all the countries of the world, the law and order system is functioning from high level to low level. In which from small villages to big cities, in everyday life, from common man to people of all classes take the help of law at the time of calamity and trouble. becomes necessary.

In this situation, apart from the security mechanism, people associated with the lawyer profession play the role of assistant to solve some issues under the purview of the judicial system. click here

Further, we will throw light on the important issues related to this education sequence, so that you will have a lot of fun knowing the whole education and will also get basic information.

Duration of LLB Course

Generally, the duration of this course is 3 years, in which the failure of any student more times is to increase the duration of this course.

However, it takes at least three years to obtain this degree. Here you may be confused about the duration of this degree, but after reading the details given below, you have to understand in the end that the duration of this degree is only three years.

You have to understand some important things, as if you want to do this course after passing class 12th, then you have been given the option of an integrated course.

Like BA LLB, BSC LLB and B. Com L.L.B, in this situation you have to give full duration of five years to this course.

Similarly, if you take admission for this course after getting a bachelor’s or graduation degree from any education stream, then you can complete this course in just 3 years.

Overall, you are given a fixed time provision of three years for this course, your success in that depends on how many years you complete this course.

You will understand more about the duration of this course, which we will explain in more detail during further admission eligibility.

LLB Course Fees

If we talk about the fee of this education, then the fee of this education depends on some important things like the selection of your college, the location of the college etc.

LLB Course Fees

For example, if you take admission for this course in a private college, then you have to pay more fees than in a public college. In the same public college, you can complete this course in very low fees.

Generally, till the completion of this education, the fee ranges from about 2.5 lakh to three and a half lakh.

Another important thing here is that what is the location of your college. If a student goes from his own city or village to another city to study this course, then other expenses besides education are also added here.

Overall, the way we have told you these major things related to education fee, you have to determine the right education fee before admission.

Admission Eligibility for LLB – LLB Course Eligibility

Here we are going to tell you about the things related to the necessary eligibility for admission in LLB course, which we can also call the main criteria for admission. We are going to throw light on these parameters as follows;

  1. If you want to take admission in this course after passing class 12th, then you are given integrated course options, such as BA, B.Com or B.Sc by adding them to L.L.B.

In which you have to get minimum 45 percent average marks in class 12th. And for admission to L.L.B., one has to pass the prescribed eligibility test.

  1. If you have graduated from Arts, Commerce or Science stream and you want to get admission in L.L.B. So your minimum education eligibility is only graduation or bachelor’s degree, which is mandatory for this three year course.
  2. Talking about the age limit, no age limit has been fixed for admission to this degree.
  3. All the students who come under the purview of backward class and reservation have been given a reservation of 5 percent for admission in the total marks obtained. Which is given to them for admission.

Overall, we can summarize all these eligibility issues, if you want to pursue L.L.B degree. So you have to have any bachelor level degree after that you can get admission.

Or after class 12th, you can get admission for LLB course for 5 years as an integrated course.

If you take admission for L.L.B after graduation, then you are directly admitted in many colleges where there is no need of any kind of eligibility test.

Eligibility Tests for Admission in LLB – LLB Entrance Exam

In the following brief, we are giving the details of some eligibility examinations, after reading which you will get some very basic knowledge in this subject.

  1. LSAT (LSAT- Common School Admission Test):

This eligibility test is organized under the law university of the global level, in which students from all over the country can participate. The students who pass this eligibility test are considered eligible for admission in various law colleges of India.

  1. LAWCET (LAWCET – Law Common Entrance Test):

Under the state of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana , this eligibility test is conducted to select eligible students for LLB course in a combined manner.

  1. CLAT (CLAT – Common Law Entrance Test):

It is an eligibility test taken under a national level law university, in which students from all over the country can appear.

  1. a. I.LET (AILET – All India Law Entrance Test):

It is an eligibility test taken under Delhi University, in which students who have to complete LLB course under Delhi University have been decided for them.

LLB Admission Process

Here we understand in detail that if you want to take admission for this course, then through which steps your admission is decided.

You have to understand the following major steps properly, so that whenever you try for admission for this course, then this information will prove beneficial to you.

  1. As the minimum education eligibility for admission in this course is graduation, then if you are already a graduate student with up to 45 percent marks. Then you will be taken under National Law University or under your state You have to pass the eligibility test.

In which the students who have passed such eligibility test can go to the college online or directly and submit the application form for admission.

  1. Similarly, if you want to get admission for this course after passing class XII, then you can choose law course according to your choice from the option of integrated course available.

Such as 12th passed students from Science stream for B.Sc L.L.B, Arts branch students for B.A. L.L.B and 12th passed students from commerce for B.Com L.L. B can apply.

The same students passed from the above three education streams can also apply for BBA LLB. In this way you have to choose the subjects and apply for LLB after 12th in private or public college.

  1. After class 12, the students who have to get admission in L.L.B, there is a provision to apply for admission by passing the eligibility test decided by their states or to be held at the national level.
  2. In this way, keeping an eye on the application of the students who have passed the eligibility test, private and public colleges issue merit list on the basis of marks. Which is issued on the official site of the colleges and to inform the students in the college.

In this way, after going through the above steps, the students who get good marks are finally decided. However, the students who get less marks are either kept in the waiting list or they have to look for other college options.

There is also an important thing here that many colleges admit students without such eligibility test, which according to one opinion, these eligibility tests are not mandatory everywhere.

We have already told this thing, which you have to understand properly before admission and accordingly choose your eligible college.

LLB Entrance Exam Structure – LLB Entrance Exam Structure

Below we have given a brief format of some eligibility tests, in which you will get the information about the coefficient number, question number, timing and the required underlying subjects.

  1. SLAT:

It is conducted under Symbiosis International University, the eligibility test for admission to L.L.B, which has the following format.

  • Exam System:- Online
  • Total Time:- 90 Minutes
  • Total Marks:- 90


  • Reading Comprehension – 18 Qs
  • Logical Reasoning – 18 Qs
  • Analytical Reasoning – 18 Qs
  • General Knowledge – 18 Qs
  • Legal Reasoning – 18 Qs
  • Thus this exam is conducted once in a year.
  1. AI Ale. ET (AILET):

This is the eligibility test taken for LLB course under Delhi University, in which the format of the exam is given below.

  • Exam System:- Offline
  • Total Marks:- 150
  • Scheduled Time:- One Hour 30 Minutes


  • Legal Aptitude – 35 Qs
  • General Knowledge – 35 Qs
  • Logical Routing – 35 Qs
  • English – 35 Qs
  • Elementary Mathematics
  1. M.H CET:

This eligibility test to be held under the state of Maharashtra is conducted for the selection of students for admission in public, semi-public and public aided law colleges of the state.

  • Exam System:- Online
  • Total Marks:- 150
  • Total Time:- 2 Hours
  • Medium of Examination:- English & Marathi


  • Logical and Analytical Reasoning – 40 Qs
  • Mathematical Aptitude – 10 Qs
  • General Knowledge by Current Affairs – 30 Qs
  • Legal Aptitude & Legal Reasoning – 40 Qs
  • English – 30 Qs
  1. CLAT:

This is a national level eligibility test held across India, through which students from different states of the country are selected for admission in L.L.B.

  • Mode of Examination:- Online
  • Total Marks:- 150
  • Total Time:- 2 Hours


  • legal reasoning
  • logical reasoning
  • english language
  • quantitative techniques
  • Current Affairs Including General

In this way, we have given the format of all the eligibility tests in the above manner, in which you got the information related to the subjects required in the examination, their coefficients etc.

LLB Course Syllabus – LLB Course Syllabus

Under this information, you will be able to know what is the complete syllabus of LLB course, along with you will also be able to be familiar to some extent with the subjects involved in it. Let’s have a look at the syllabus as;

1st Year – LLB 1st Year Syllabus

Semester- 1


labor law
Family Law – 1
Law of Contract – 1
Optional Subject (It is mandatory to choose any one)

women and law
International Economic Law

Semester – 2

Family Law – 2
Law of Tort and Consumer Protection Act
Constitutional Law
professional ethics
2nd Year – LLB 2nd Year Syllabu

Semester – 3


environmental law
Arbitration, Conciliation and Alternative
law of evidence
Human Rights and International Law

Semester – 4


Law of Contract – 2
Property Law Including Transfer of Property Act
Practical Training – Legal Aid
Optional Subject (Any 1 is compulsory)

comparative law
Intellectual Property Law
law of insurance
conflict of law
3rd Year – LLB 3rd Year Syllabus

Semester – 5


administrative law
legal writing
Land Law Including Selling and Other Local Law
civil procedure code
Interpretation of Status

Semester – 6


Practical Training – 2 (Drafting)
company law
code of criminal procedure
Practical Training – Moot Court
Optional Subject (compulsory to take any one subject)

Co-operative Law

Investment and Securities Law
Banking Law Including Negotiable Instrument Act
In this way above we have given you the complete syllabus of this course, which you have to study during the three year academic session.


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