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How to see Facebook Locked Profile?

Facebook Locked Profile

Friends, if you also want to see the Facebook account of another person, what has that person posted from his Facebook account and as soon as you click on that person’s profile, then you come to know that he is a locked person. How to see Facebook Locked Profile. There is a profile which is locked by that person, so today we are going to solve this problem for you.

So today we are going to tell you how you can see any locked profile of Facebook and how you can also see the friend list of that person, then to know about all these things in detail. Do read this article till the end so that you can get complete information about it. click here

How to see Facebook Locked Profile?

Before knowing how to see Facebook locked profile, let us talk about what is a locked profile in Facebook.

So if we tell you about the locked profile in simple language, then if a person does not want to share his personal information or photos and videos posted by that person with all the people, he can only share them with the people who know him. If you want to share, then this work can be done by that person with the help of this locked profile feature of Facebook.

In simple language, the purpose of this feature is to protect the privacy of Facebook users and their important data.

To see the locked profile of any other person on Facebook, first you have to go to that person’s profile and send him a friend request.

The only way to see the locked profile of any user on Facebook is to first send a friend request to that person and when that person accepts your friend request, then you can easily see that person’s locked profile. And you can also see his friend list as well as what that person has posted on that profile.

By the way, you will find many such third party apps and websites which claim that you can easily see the ID locked on Facebook of any other person by paying some money to them. click here

But let us tell you that those third party apps do this, but when you give them money, you get caught in their clutches and as soon as you login your Facebook ID on such apps, then all your data will be available to them. Goes to third party apps and such third party apps misuse that data of yours.

So our advice is that if you use such third party apps or any such website that claims to show the locked profile of any user on Facebook, then by mistake, you should not fall in the trap of such apps and websites so that You should not face any problem in future.

What happens if you lock your Facebook profile?

If we tell about it in simple language, then if you lock your profile on Facebook, then whatever you have posted on your Facebook account till date can only be seen by people who are your friends on Facebook.

This feature of Facebook is used to make all your information private. So that no unknown person can see your Facebook profile, with the help of this feature, only those people whom you want to show can see your Facebook profile.

If you are a person who does not want to share your personal information or the photos and videos you put on Facebook with everyone, then this feature is going to be very useful for you because this feature of Facebook allows you to use this feature. gives.

What is meant by mutual friends on Facebook?

If you use Facebook, then you must have seen the option of mutual friend name at one time or another. Many people do not even know about what is mutual friends, if you do not even know what mutual friends are, then let us tell you.

Mutual friends means “mutual friends” in Hindi. Mutual friend is not a label that you can apply to someone else. It is a Facebook term that denotes that you ‘share’ or share your friends with someone else.


First of all, if you have read this article till now, then thank you very much. Friends, today we told you through this article that how you can see someone else’s locked profile and along with this, today we also told you what happens by locking Facebook ID and mutual on Facebook. What are friends


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