Designing with Canva Part – 1

In today’s era Designing with Canva, graphics design is more or less used in almost all our daily activities. All these designs require experience and a quality PC. Many of us do not know Photoshop or basic photo editing. But it wastes a lot of time and we lose a lot in terms of productivity.

An essential website that solves these problems is Canva. Canva is a designing/editing website. Editing or designing with Adobe’s various programs can be difficult or sometimes impossible for many. But with Canva, these tasks can be done very easily.

To start designing on Canva you need to open an account. By going to and clicking on the Sign up button, you can easily login with your google account.

Once you login, you don’t have to do it again and you can start designing directly every time .

From here you can choose different templates or customize them according to your size. Canva also has community resources that you can use to create your own content. click here

Opening a design, the first thing that catches your eye is a few things. The white space in the middle is our canvas. This is where we will add various things. On our left hand side is the side panel.

Some pre-made templates are available as soon as the design is opened. Below that is a section called Elements. Thousands of graphics are available in Elements. Most are free but some are paid. You can add graphics as you like by searching Elements. Also here are Frames, Shapes & Lines and Vectors.

To add something from Elements, just search and click on one and it will appear on our canvas.

It can be positioned anywhere on the canvas by dragging with the mouse.

Some colors can be seen on the top panel. Click on them to change the color of your vector. Next to it is Edit image option. In this option you can add Hue, Saturation, Sharpness and Filters of an image. Click on the Animate option to use the built-in animation.

To add your own image, click on the Upload option or directly drag and drop.

Font Combination or text can be added by clicking on Text option to add text.

To change the font, size and color can be done in the top panel. But other options will be mentioned in the next article.

If you know these things, you can start designing with Canva. But the thing to remember is that designing is a passion and to learn it you need to understand what to do and have an idea about Color Coding, Typography, Theming.

There is no substitute for creativity in designing. The more creative your design, the better it should look. Designing with Canva is not to be taken for granted. You can easily do freelancing with Canva. Don’t limit your skills to Canva either. Canva is mainly for simple designing. To learn Intermediate Level designing, it is better to use Adobe software.

Canva is an amazing tool. It is not just limited to designing. Video Editing, Embed, Music etc can be done with Canva. But that will be written in another article.

In the Background Option on the side panel, you can set the background of your design. But it can also be done from Uploads.

Below that, you will get some more options in the three dot menu or More option. Like Music, Video, Chart, QR Code, Emoji, Bitmoji and many options to connect social media.

This is enough as a beginner tutorial. To share or download your design, click on the Share button above.

You can share this design to collaborate with someone. You can download it locally in a format by clicking on Download option to download. You can also click the Share On Social button to post directly to your social media.

In my opinion, without watching any tutorial, you will be able to master it if you do a little movement yourself. In the 2nd part we will talk about advanced topics.


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