[RUMOR] Darksiders 4 Coming? As Alpha Testers Say

Darksiders (Darksiders 4) game is sitting very well in the mind of many, no one has heard the name. But those who played it fell in love with this game. With 4 games already launched in this series, the series has occupied a separate place in its own Hack and slash action adventure genre. Now, various important information has been revealed about Darksiders 4 , what will the game be like, an alpha tester has given several key information about the gameplay, story, map and game mode. click here

As much information as revealed by alpha testers on 4chan – feat. “Darksiders 4: Exodus”

The first two Darksiders games were followed by remastered versions of both games. Then after a long wait Darksiders 3 was released by a different developer and publisher. The Darksiders and its future have been through a lot of ups and downs. Then another spin-off, Darksiders Genesis was released where the 4th horseman came into the limelight. After that, the Darksiders franchise, its discussions, rumours, future game leaks, there was nothing to say, this topic was pretty much asleep.

A supposed alpha tester on 4Chan recently revealed the name of the next game in the series and other details after the THQNordic Showcase. The game might be called Darksiders 4: Exodus. The game is basically going to be a multiplayer looter brawler (this news has caused some pent-up anger among the core Darksiders fanbase).

Gamers can play the role of four horsemen in this title.

weapons and characters:

Loot or items/weapons are divided into six categories, primary weapon (melee), secondary weapon (ranged), upper armor, lower armor, steed (horse customization) and relics.

weapons and characters

The four characters are also divided into four categories based on their combat style and weaponry. War is an all in one/allrounder type character with Sword and Gauntlet, while Death will play magic type character with scythe. In Darksiders Genesis we saw Stryfe’s playing style, Daggers and Pistol were his weapons. On the other hand, Fury will be seen fighting with whip, crossblades. click here

Lee also said that Darksiders 4: Exodus will feature a semi-open world type map with dungeons, side quests, and large maps. All missions will be available for each character. A new type of stamina system can also be seen.

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The plot of darksiders 4 will take place after the first darksiders game. Where the Four Horsemen gather, Arch-Angel Gabriel and Michael arrive to defeat them, killing Uriel. According to Leaker, the Four Horsemen managed to escape from the Garden, the central area of ​​the game or the heart of the map. They learn that Lillith must be defeated if they want to bring back Humanity.

Notably, THQNORDIC participated in the Gamescom 2022 event last night, where they revealed several titles. But Darksiders 4 has not been discussed at all.

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