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A guide to buying the best thermal camera

Today We Will Try To Assist You On How To Find Or Buy The Best Thermal Camera From The Marketplace. We’ve Tested Every Option In A Variety Of Situations, From Measuring The Temperature Of HVAC Systems And Electrical Systems To Humans And Animals. We Focused Most Of Our Testing On How Accurately Each Camera Can Measure Temperature And How Different Two Objects At The Same Temperature Are.

When You Take A Picture Of A Room Using An Infrared Camera. It Will Show Different Colors Or Shades Which Represent Different Temperature Of Environment. Generally, High Temperature Objects Will Appear Orange And Yellow And Low Temperature Objects Will Appear Blue Or Purple. This Guide On How To Interpret Thermal Images Details How To Interpret Thermal Images And How To Manipulate The Environment For The Best Infrared Images. click here

Below Is A Breakdown Of All Our Top Thermal Cameras Take A Moment To Read About How To Choose And Use A Thermal Camera.

With All The Features And Functionality In Mind, We Chose The FLUKE TI401 PRO As Our Top Pick For The Best Thermal Cameras Of The Year. Coupled With Its Wide Temperature Range And Extra-Long Battery Life. Its Rugged Design Makes This Camera A No-Brainer Choice For A Wide Range Of Applications. Read On To Learn More About FLUKE Thermal Cameras Available For Purchase And Other High-Quality Equipment.

Thermal resolution

A Camera’s Thermal Resolution Is Also Called Its Temperature Sensitivity. This Refers To The Camera’s Ability To Separately Detect Two Different Objects That Are Emitting The Same Amount Of Heat. The Higher The Resolution. The Better The Camera Will Be Able To Show The Difference Between Two Objects Of The Same Temperature. Having A High Thermal Resolution Is Important For Special Fields Such As Firefighters Who Need To Find Hot Bodies In An Already Hot Environment Or Inspectors Who Need To Determine Friction Between Two Moving Parts. Typically You’ll Find That Thermal Cameras Can Detect Variations Between One And Two Degrees Celsius. More Specialized Models Will Be Able To Detect Variations Within About 0.045 Degrees Celsius

Temperature range

The Temperature Range You Need From Your Thermal Imaging Camera Depends Largely On How You Will Be Using It. For The Most Part, A Range Between -4 And 220 Degrees Celsius Is Perfectly Fine.

Temperature range

However, There Are Also Cameras Where The Temperature Range Is Skewed Toward A Cooler Range Or A Warmer Range. Both Ends Have Cameras With Extended Range For More Versatility.

Image resolution

As With Standard Cameras, The Image Resolution Of Your Thermal Camera Is An Important Consideration. Purchasing A Thermal Camera With A High Image Resolution Allows You To Determine Exactly Where Heat Is Being Generated In More Complex Areas. Buying A Thermal Camera With A Low Image Resolution Can Make This Whole Process More Difficult. click here

Screen Size

A Larger Screen Can Help You See More Detail In Thermal Images, But The Size You Need Depends Largely On Your Own Personal Preferences. Purchasing A Camera With A Large Display Enables You To Operate The Camera Easily, Especially If It Is A Touchscreen Display. Most Thermal Cameras Offer Large Displays Of Around 2.5 To 3.5 Inches.


You’ll Likely Be Using Your Thermal Imaging Camera In A Lot Of Tight Spaces, Which Is Why Portability Is So Important. Choose An Option That Is Portable And Light Enough To Carry Easily. Many Options Include Handles For Better Handling, But These Handles Can Sometimes Get In The Way. If This Is A Potential Problem For You, Consider A Camera That Features A Removable Handle Or One That Does Not Feature A Handle.


Depends On How You Plan To Use The Thermal Imaging Camera . You May Want To Consider Its Durability. Of Course, There’s A Certain Level Of Durability You Should Expect From Any Expensive Purchase, And Most Of These Cameras Are Capable Of Taking A Bump Or Two Without Issue. There Are Also Models That Are Designed To Withstand Drops From Tall Heights & Extreme Temperature Without Fail.

Additional features

ThermalCameras Often Include Variety Of Additional, Application Specific Feature To Consider. These Will Not Be Useful For Every User But May Be Helpful For Your Personal Needs. Features Like Different Thermal Palettes And Measurement Modes Heat You More Accurately. Can Help Measure Cold Spots. You Can Buy Additional Lenses For Different Scenes.

Don’t Forget Things Like Onboard Storage Or The Ability To Store Photos And Videos On An SD Card You Can Even Get Advanced Features Such As Picture In Picture, A Wider Field Of View Or Even Wi-Fi Connectivity.

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