Some Underrated But Awesome PC Games

Today’s we discuss 7 more Awesome PC Games that aren’t very high in popularity, aren’t talked about globally, haven’t been played by most gamers these days, or aren’t popular these days. The monotonous gameplay style can be replaced by something different. Or it would not be unreasonable to call for remasters or sequels of these games, such unique games.

Max Payne 3 (2012)

This game can be called unpopular even if it is not underrated nowadays. Max Payne is an emotional name for early 21st century gamers. Max Payne made a special place in the hearts of gamers of that time for one of the best 3rd person experiences.

Features like Bullet Time, Slow Motion made the gameplay extremely enjoyable. With limited health, all other animations, stories, actions of Max Payne 1, 2 became super hits. In 2012, this game came after a gap of many years, which is the last game of this series till now.

With eye-catching graphics and next-gen gameplay of the time, different religious plots, Brazilian alleys, bars, wandering alone in the darkness of the night, the wandering of the unhappy Max Payne, gamers were accompanied on a new journey. Apart from gamers, the game was praised by critics. Action, gameplay, signature bullet time nominations, awards also had a presence. click here

If you haven’t played this game yet, you will get a lot of fun, you will get a different taste. Along with the gameplay story, the graphics will not be bad, you can play smoothly in maxed settings if you have a graphics card like 1050 ti, rx 570 or 1650 super. Although the information about the remaster of Max Payne 1, 2 has come out, it is not known whether Rockstar has any plans for Max Payne 3 or not. Similarly, it is not known about the reboot of this series. Many say Max Payne 4 will never see the light of day.

Awesome PC Games Alien Rage Unlimited (2013)

Mar mar cut cut action, imaginary enemies and all imaginary but devastating weapons. It was a feature of Alien Rage. After a while the mini boss, the boss comes, giving huge fights with them, Non Stop Action and very fast paced gameplay

Alien Rage game is not bad at all. There are Points, Perks, points are obtained based on how the Enemy is killed, a certain range is leveled up and various features can be unlocked and used.

Another feature of the game is that it is extremely difficult. To play the game on normal difficulty you need to get good speed. No chance to call the game a masterpiece, top notch, criticisms are enough, but still not bad at all. If we talk about the bad side, we have to talk about the graphics, the game has quite a problem with the graphics. But all in all not bad. click here

Prototype series (2009,2012)

Prototype became a craze around 2009-10, Prototype will undoubtedly be named among Activision’s masterpiece games. Many may not accept that it is underrated, but it is true that this game nowadays, even those who have played the game in the last 5-6 years, No one knows.


Still, like Assassin’s Creed or other popular games, Prototype’s hero (or Villain?) Alex Mercer’s picture can be seen on many people’s profiles. The plot, story, gameplay of the game was different. Alex Mercer running around in an Infected or Infested city.

Alex Mercer was such a character, he could move everywhere, he could reach anywhere, there was nothing beyond his reach on the map, he could do everything by climbing, running, jumping, all the buildings in the city with his Supernatural Ability.

The number of his powers and abilities were many, gamers could avail them by leveling up and using points.

Another unique ability that made Alex Mercer unique in one word was his ability to take the form of any human being. This was called consuming in game parlance. Through this, he could easily enter any group, team, area and disguise himself. Using this ability increases Alex’s health and stamina.

The animation, color, theme of the game is mainly composed of blood, genes, DNA, RNA. From loading to any cutscene, consume, its animation when you get a new ability, mission cutscene, its reflection was everywhere.

Alex had to fight against the non-stop growing virus infestation, virus infected people. As the game progressed, the townspeople were slowly infected. It was getting scary, their running speed was increasing. Along with the military forces, helicopters, tanks and so on, there was a non-stop fight. There was also the ability to hijack tanks, take away the weapons of military forces and use them.

prototype 2

The second game of this series came out in 2012, Prototype 2, where Alex Mercer was shown as a kind of Villain or negative character, the role of the hero was a new Protagonist named James Heller.

prototype 2

The graphics of both games were pretty good too. Sadly, the prototype series has kind of died. There is no news about the reboot, remaster of this series.

Section 8 (2009)

Section Eight Prejuice was an action-oriented sci-fi action-adventure game with robotic characters, varied weapons and futuristic environments. At that time it was a lot of fun to play this game. Now, however, it is not available on Steam.

Sleeping Dogs(2012)

Sleeping Dogs is not underrated. As the game received acclaim upon release, so did the popularity. The game featured an open world in the city of Hong Kong. At that time its gameplay, graphics were all amazing.

Especially the unique point of this game was its combat, martial arts type fights made this game very enjoyable. And all the elements of open world games were here, the perfect blend of everything including Chase, Action, Gunfight, Police Pursuit was here. The graphics were quite good, especially the nighttime Hong Kong was well captured by the game. Full credit goes to the developer United Front Games for creating such a masterpiece game.

Although the combat of this game is similar to Yakuza, Sifu, many people admit that it is truly incomparable and the father of this type of combat.

Binary Domain(2012)

The Binary Domain game basically gives an idea of what the situation might be like if the world is ruled by robots instead of humans in the future. It is a 3rd person shooting game developed by Devil’s Details and published by Sega. Even if the graphics of the game are not very good these days, gamers will enjoy the gameplay and combat. There is quite an action packed story here. With plenty of gunfights and combats to be had, it will be a busy time.

Castlevania:Lords of Shadow (2010,2014)

Action adventure hack n slash games like Prince of Persia, where you have to move through buildings and buildings with swords, move around different places, boss fights, solve different puzzles, these types of games have always been popular. Games like Devil May Cry, Prince of Persia or Darksiders are therefore evergreen. Another game of this genre or this type is Castlevania Lord of Shadow.

The gameplay, plot of this game released in 2010 is bound to be your favorite if you are a fan of the above mentioned games. Different types of abilities, powers, upgrading them again through points, different types of enemies, mini bosses, killing bosses, solving regular puzzles, everything is here. Coming in 2022, the graphics might look mediocre, but if you like the gameplay, you’ll end up playing it. The gameplay may seem a bit lengthy. But you will definitely enjoy the tools, abilities and power that are there.

Lord of shadow 2:

A sequel to CastleVania was released in 2014. Since its gameplay, graphics, story were all more enhanced, many people will like it.

But those who like Classic Game more will get more challenge and excitement in case of Lord of Shadow 1. The Hero in both games is Gabriel Belmont; Those who like stylish, bold characters can fall in love with it.

Both games are developed by MercurySteam, Climax Studios. Although we are talking about two games, the Castlevania series is actually a franchise that is a very old classic. Its first game was published in 1996.


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