Apple Watch saved the young man’s life by warning before the heart attack, you will be surprised to know the incident

Apple Watch has now become a protective device for users. Because the device has been and continues to be praised for saving lives multiple times over the past few years. The reason for saying ‘now’, Apple Watch 7 series (Apple Watch 7 series) recently brought a young man back from the face of death. If this wearable had not alerted the user by sending repeated notifications at the right time, he would have died in his sleep due to bleeding. Click Here

 In this case, the sudden bleeding of the victim, which was indicating the possibility of a subsequent heart attack, was detected thanks to the Apple Watch’s important in-built health and emergency features such as heart monitoring sensor, Emergency SOS (SOS) and fall detection.

Apple Watch 7 Series brought the youth back from the face of death

A person with the profile name digitalmofo recently shared a post about his personal experience on the Reddit platform. He wrote – A few days back he was trying to take a nap during work due to feeling tired and weak. And just then, the Apple Watch 7 series wearable in his hand sent him repeated alerts due to high-pulse rate detection. 

But since he was sleeping with DND mode on, he didn’t get any notification sound. But after waking up, he checked the smartwatch and found that more than 10 alert notifications had been sent to him. Even then the device continued to send notifications.

Although at first it seems that the body is getting worse due to excessive workload, after receiving such notifications again and again, the person decides to consult a doctor. And as expected, he immediately booked the appointment through video calling. 

The doctor then examines him through video call and also asks some important questions on the subject. Also check the information provided by Apple Watch such as pulse rate, blood oxygen level etc. Finally, after seeing all the physical symptoms, the doctor called 911 and sent an ambulance to the person.

The postman was then rushed to the hospital. Where doctors after conducting several tests said that his hemoglobin rate is less than 3 g/dL. In this case, let us inform you that the normal hemoglobin level should be 13 g/dL or more for men and 13 g/d or more for women. 

And if the hemoglobin level somehow falls below 5.0 g/dl, it can lead to heart attack or even death. Therefore, if the Apple Watch had not sent the notification at the right time that day, the person might have died in his sleep. Because when the man was brought to the hospital, his condition was very serious.

However, initially the doctors thought that he might have a heart attack. But after the test, it was found that he was bleeding in his digestive tract. Such symptoms are medically known as GI bleeding.

You may be wondering how a small smartwatch can detect internal bleeding? In this regard, the Apple Watch 7 series – has an in-built pulse rate monitor, which keeps track of the pulse rate. Besides, the heart monitoring system is able to detect irregular beating of the heart. Again the SpO2 sensor monitors the body’s blood oxygen level. Read More

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As a result, each of these health features work together and immediately sends an alert to the user if they see any abnormalities in the body. And if the device deems the user’s physical condition to be critical, it is also able to contact people in the contact list using the Emergency SOS and Fall Detection features.


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