The only article I published today was about antibiotic resistance.

antibiotic resistance 2

Many of us know about the problem of antibiotic resistance, those who are involved in medical science in one way or another, they know better how threatening it is for the next generation of mankind!

Today I will try to explain in very simple language, in the form of a story, what is antibiotic resistance? Why this problem is a threat to mankind!

Let’s get started.

What we need to understand to understand what antibiotic resistance is

What is an antibiotic?

Antibiotics are, in simple terms, man-made fighters, which either kill any harmful bacteria that enter your body or make it useless by stopping its growth!

When and why do we take antibiotics?

When a doctor is convinced that a disease has taken root in your body due to a bacterial attack, the doctor will prescribe you antibiotics to respond to the disease, as if you can save the bacterium from being destroyed or rendered useless by antibiotics forever. click here

What does the word resistant mean?

The word resistance basically means “the ability to resist.”
So “antibiotic resistance” literally means the ability to resist or inhibit antibiotics!

Now, who is the antibiotic, who will want to stop? Who would benefit from antibiotics?

Your normal sense of humor now says that if bacteria can stop antibiotics they will benefit! Survive!
If bacteria can resist antibiotics, they will survive, live happily in our bodies and continue to multiply and one day push you to the brink of complete death …!

Now the question is, how can bacteria inhibit or resist antibiotics! Where did they get this power!

Sad but true is that we ourselves have this power with them and play our own twelve!

When there is a normal cold-fever or when the doctor gives us antibiotics for a disease, there is a specific time to specify that this antibiotic should be taken for 15 days or 7 days, morning and night, or 3 times a day. click here

What do we do, when we take antibiotics for 3/4 days, it is seen that the cold-fever has got better, or the symptoms of the disease for which we were taking are no more, we have recovered, then we stop taking antibiotics!

antibiotic resistance

What happens again, we are not satisfied with Napa for normal fever and cold, we can’t be patient! Antibiotics that are easily available in pharmacies, such as Ciprofloxacin or Amoxicillin.

It was seen that fever and cold are no more in 2 days! And we stop taking antibiotics!
Got better and what do you need to eat?
Many home doctors also give us the knowledge that money is being wasted!

We do not know how much damage we are doing! Playing for 2/4 days does not kill all the bacteria that enter my body! Or not everyone becomes useless at once!
It would have been better if you had taken antibiotics for 7 days or 15 days and finished the course as prescribed by the doctor!
Then there would be no more bacteria to harm. click here

Now the opposite will happen, these little surviving bacteria will sit in your body and research who killed my brothers! Then they will learn how to save my same brothers and sisters from them, that is, from this antibiotic!

⚠️ The next time the bacteria re-enters the body, the previous half-dead bacteria tell the new ones about the antibiotics that killed their ancestors!

When you took the same antibiotic again, since the same problem happened again.
But then, these new Ra avenged the murder of their ancestors by destroying or rendering this antibiotic useless!

⚠️ Then you do not work on this antibiotic! Later you have to take more high power antibiotics to survive, but if you make the same mistake again without completing the course, skip 3/4 days! Then you will need a more powerful antibiotic later!
Because your body has a problem with antibiotic resistance!

In this way the effectiveness of normal antibiotics in your body will end, which will spread through you to your next generation, it will be seen that you are dying of normal fever-cold, you are not getting better for this antibiotic resistance!

So the way to survive from antibiotic resistance ??

1) Eat Napa and antihistamine tablets for normal fever and cold, avoid antibiotics!
2) Do not take any antibiotics without doctor’s advice!
3) Complete the course by taking antibiotics as long as the doctor tells you to take antibiotics.
4) If you have a normal fever or cold, take Napa and antihistamines. If you do not feel well for a long time, then take antibiotics on the advice of a doctor and complete the course.

Take these little precautions, you will be protected from threats like antibiotic resistance.

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