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The extensive changes and improvements we get to see in modern education, it becomes easy to guess that new dimensions have also been added naturally in education. BBA education sector is not limited to traditional education selection and style, but is found paying attention to innovation in an unprecedented manner.

Talking about new options, education related to management comes out as the favorite option of most of the students in the current education system, in which great opportunities of employment along with career are easily available in future. After doing this kind of education, basic manners, etiquette, dressing sense, setting business strategy, etc., are developed, due to which the status of these individuals in the society is seen in a different way.

In this important article, you will get detailed information on all aspects of management related education program BBA . In which if you are thinking of choosing this course, then you will be able to get the right guidance from this information.

What is the full form and meaning of BBA?

The full form of BBA is Bachelor of Business Administration , in common language, it is called a degree in management of business. In which education is provided about all the basic things related to business like marketing, human resource, finance, accounting etc.

full form and meaning of BBA

In today’s social environment, this education program has gained a lot of importance for business, in which there are options of better way for higher education and employment in future. The most noticeable thing is that the inclination of girls is seen more and more in this education. The main reason for this is that management in business requires more intellectual skills than physical labor, which is easy for girls.

Education Fee for BBA Course – BBA Course Fees

Education Fee for BBA Course

To complete this education, the education fee comes to about two to two and a half lakhs, which depends on the selection of the college.

Eligibility for BBA Admission – Eligibility for BBA Course

Education – Qualification for BBA Course

For admission in this education, it is necessary to pass the minimum education eligibility class XII, in which you are considered eligible for admission by passing Class XII from any education stream. One thing is important here that you should have passed class XII from any recognized board, in which you should have at least 50% marks. click here

Although there is a provision of at least 60 percent marks for admission in some higher level and standard colleges, it is generally necessary to have your second class marks.

Age Limit for BBA

Age Limit for BBA

For admission in BBA, the age eligibility for general category is at least 17 years to 22 years, while for reserved category the age limit is up to 24 years.

Eligibility Test – BBA Entrance Exam

For admission in this course, students who want to take admission in this course have to take the eligibility test, which is organized by various institutions such as;

  1. SET – Symbiosis Entrance Test – The eligibility test for BBA is conducted by Symbiosis International University, which is called SET.
  2. IPU CET – Indraprastha University conducts the annual eligibility test which is known as Indraprastha University Common Entrance Test.

Apart from this, through eligibility tests like DU JAT, NPAT, UPSEE, IPU CET, BHU CET etc. Admission is also given for B.B.A.

Duration of Course – Duration of BBA Course

Generally, the BBA course is of 3 years, which is of semester pattern, in which there are total six semesters. But if you fail more times, this period can be increased, but this course is of at least three years.

What are you taught in BBA? – BBA Course Subjects

  • Principles of Management
  • Statistics
  • operational research
  • marketing
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • business mathematics

Basic education based on the above-mentioned subjects is given in this course, which is of great benefit in the future while working in the professional field. click here

Syllabus – BBA Course Syllabus

As you have been told that this course is of semester pattern, in which you have to pass a total of six semesters. For more information, we have given the syllabus of all the semesters below.

  • First year

Semester – 1

  • financial accounting
  • micro economics
  • Principles of Management
  • India Socio Political Economics
  • Quantitative Techniques – 1
  • Essentials of IT

Semester- 2

  • macroeconomics
  • Quantitative Techniques – 2
  • effective communications
  • cost accounting
  • Environment Management
  • Principles of Marketing
  • second year

Semester- 3

  • Banking and Insurance
  • Indian Economics in Global Scenario
  • operations research
  • direct tax and indirect tax
  • human resource management
  • Consumer behavior and services marketing

Semester- 4

  • Human behavior and ethics at workplace
  • management accounting
  • business analytics
  • business law
  • financial management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • third year

Semester – 5

  • strategic management
  • Research Methodology
  • Finance Elective
  • financial statement analysis
  • Advanced Financial Management


  • International Business & Exim
  • Finance Elective
  • Operation and Supply Chain Management
  • marketing elective
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Plan

b . b . Best Colleges for A – Top Colleges for BBA in India

  • Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai
  • Indian Institute of Management, Rohtak- Haryana
  • Chandigarh University, Chandigarh
  • I.C.F.A.I Foundation for Higher Studies, Hyderabad
  • Voxen University, Hyderabad
  • KIIT School of Management, Bhubaneshwar

Procedure to take admission in BBA – Admission Process for BBA

As the eligibility test has to be given for admission in this course, normally after the result of the eligibility test comes, the admission process starts in the colleges where this education is available.

Admission Process for BBA

Every college makes a list of students with high marks according to the available seats, in which the eligible students are given admission.

Students who get less marks in the eligibility test, they either have to wait or try in other colleges associated with this education.

Education Specialization of BBA – Types of BBA Courses

Let us tell you that the education program of BBA is prepared with many specializations, out of which you can choose the subject according to your choice and complete this education program with specialization.

Types of BBA Courses

For example, the information related to this is given below.

  • Banking & Insurance
  • Tour and Travel Management
  • computer application
  • Finance
  • foreign trade
  • marketing
  • Hotel Management
  • Accounting

Information about employment opportunities after BBA – Jobs after BBA and Salary

After completing BBA education, you can easily find employment opportunities in the field given below. such as;

  1. Entrepreneurship (BBA Entrepreneurship): You can start your own business independently, in which after completing this education, you have got enough business related information. Which is beneficial for you in making business plans.
  2. Finance and Account Management (BBA Accounting and Finance): Many small and big financial services companies are present in the market nowadays, where they provide finance to the customers according to their needs. In such a situation, you can get employment opportunities by becoming a part of such a company.
  3. Human Resource Management (BBA Human Resource Management): Nowadays people are needed to work in almost all companies. Where to select people for the job, manage their documents properly, implement all the rules for them in the job and give them proper benefits. And getting these employees to work in the company in a proper way like management of many things comes under human resource.

Students doing BBA in Human Resource can easily get job opportunities in such field, which they get the benefit of the things learned in their education.

  1. Marketing Management: Students doing BBA Marketing can work to manage marketing in many companies.

Apart from this, BBA students can easily find employment options in areas like supply chain management, tourism management, banks, educational institutions, marketing institutions, business organizations, multinational companies, finance institutions and export organizations.

Apart from this, opportunities for work in key positions like business administration management, business administration and market modification, modification and development are also available after completing this education.

Higher Education Options – Courses After BBA

BBA which is a graduate level education, after completing which if students want to move towards higher education, then they have MBA which is a master’s degree. It considered eligible for this & students can complete this course. Due to which more good employment options are opened for them in future.

Along with this, these students are considered eligible for master’s degree in other vocational education sequence, which definitely benefits these students.

Conclusion – (Conclusion)

BBA is an education program similar to the other three-year undergraduate education, in which students who are more inclined towards vocational education can enroll.

In the modern era, where the knowledge related to every field has been included in the education sector, and on which the provisions of education have been made available, on the same background this education is seen as a course related to business.

Hope you will definitely get benefit from the given information, and you will be able to take proper advantage of it while choosing this education sequence. To get information on career related topics, definitely read our other articles, thank you for staying connected with us.

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