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RCS Chat Explained: Everything you need to know about RCS Chat

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One thing we noticed? Starting with that button phone, there has been a lot of work on the phone’s default application SMS (and MMS) so far, RCS Chat which means that the upgrade has not been done as expected. The Protocol of the Blind Age is still in use, first introduced in 1992. In other words, each SMS has to be of a certain data size so that it has a character limit (160) again. On the other hand, IP (Internet Protocol) based messaging apps (Whatsapp , Telegram etc) can not wait to say that the plan has advanced over time. Apple and Google, two big tech giants, have been working on the issue for almost a decade. RCS Chat Explained.

While Apple is now fairly stable with iMessage, Google is still faltering. Google’s efforts for a unified messaging platform over the last 10 years have been worth watching. Where we’ve seen, Google Talk, Google Hangouts, Google+ came up with many more messaging solutions, including Allo, none of which were stable in the end. So, in that continuity, in early 2020, by adopting GSM’s RCS Universal profile, Google started to roll out globally with Android’s default messaging app Android Messages called Chat Features. What is RCS? History of RCS, advantages and disadvantages of using RCS chat. click here

Finally, today’s article will discuss in detail how you can use the benefits of RCS on your phone. So let’s get started- Advantages and disadvantages of using RCS. Finally, today’s article will discuss in detail how you can use the benefits of RCS on your phone. So let’s get started- Advantages and disadvantages of using RCS. Finally, today’s article will discuss in detail how you can use the benefits of RCS on your phone. So let’s get started-

What is RCS?

What is RCS

RCS or Rich Communication Services is a protocol or some standard that overcomes the limitations of the existing text messaging of the phone and all the facilities of dedicated messaging apps so that it can be implemented in the default messaging app of the phone.

Thinking like this makes it a lot easier, What if most of the benefits of dedicated messaging apps can be enjoyed on the phone’s default messaging app (Google’s Message app here) without just opening an account in an additional app with just your phone number? Exactly RCS in it. What’s more interesting is that chatting through RCS does not require a separate fee that your operator charges you for each message. Even if SMS is not charged, data connection is required for RCS. Where both the sender and the receiver need to have data connection on. If for some reason text message cannot be sent as RCS then regular text message will fallback. click here

History of RCS

History of RCS

It was first adopted by GSM in 2006 but has not received much traction since the Meladin. Separately, a few carriers in the US launched RCS on their own, but died on the field due to lack of interoperability. In 2015, a company called Jibe Mobile was formed as a service hub to facilitate RCS. The main goal of Jibe Mobile is to provide all the backend support for RCS so that different mobile carriers / operators do not get in trouble with RCS implementation. In order to overcome the problem of inter-operability, GSMA announced a new standard called Universal Profile in 2019 with the core features of RCS chat. click here

This also ensures smooth operation of RCS chat between different operators. In the same year, Google bought Jibe Mobile. Google then began patronizing RCS chat individually. Replacing regular text messaging with RCS Chat The path is not at all friendly. Because it depends on the will of many here. Convincing major mobile operators around the world and then putting pressure on Android phone manufacturers to deliver Google’s message as the default messaging app is a very long process. Manages all of this for some countries in 2019 and RCS chat Rolls out globally in 2020.

Features currently available in RCS Chat:

Features currently available in RCS Chat

Since RCS is still in the development phase. So full-fledged messaging apps have not yet been fully incorporated with many benefits. But the basic features that can be found are what are happening.

  • St., Delivered, Reed Status.
  • Typing indicator, reaction to message.
  • Rich media sharing at 100MB maximum limit.
  • Encrypted message group chat.
  • Location Sharing.
  • Much more with the web interface.

Now let’s come to the features of RCS Chat which are not available or the disadvantages of RCS-

disadvantages of RCS
  • Audio / video call is not available.
  • In-line reply not yet given.
  • Desktops, tablets can be used separately.
  • Cannot chat RCS chat with iPhone users.
  • RCS chat users cannot be tracked simultaneously.

How to turn on RCS on your phone-

turn on RCS

Your phone must be above Android version 6.0. On the other hand, all the carriers in our country have RCS support. But if you want to enjoy RCS chat, you have to follow a few simple steps. First, change the default messaging app on your phone to Message (by Google). However, many phones currently have Google’s Message app out of the box as the default messaging app.

If it is not, then there is no reason to worry, it can be downloaded from the Play Store from this link . Then from the three dot menu in the corner on the right, go to Settings> General> Chat Features> Enable chat features if RCS is already off. Then you have to verify with the phone number. If Status: Connected appears then your phone already has RCS turned on.

The next question that arises is how do you know if the recipient is RCS enabled? The funny thing is that even after doing RCS RCS so many times in this article, you can’t find anything called RCS in Google Message app. Instead, Google has named regular text messaging Text and RCS Chat only. As a result, if the person with whom you want to chat with RCS is RCS enabled, then Chatting with XY or Chat will be written in the background of the message box. There will also be a lock icon with the send button that is not seen in regular text messaging.

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