10 New Advanced Tech Gadgets 2022

Advanced Tech Gadgets

Friends, in today’s article we are going to see 10 new advanced tech gadgets 2022 in Hindi . Friends, today in this series of 10 gadgets, some such gadgets are going to be specially made keeping in mind the future. Today we will tell you some such gadgets that will really surprise you. Friends, according to the changing times, our technology is also getting more advanced!

Because of this, new gadgets keep on being invented. Gadgets that make the work of humans even easier. Today we are going to tell you about some 10 such gadgets. Which will make the work of humans even easier in the coming time. So definitely read the article completely because this article is going to introduce you to 10 such advanced gadgets. So let’s get started!


Friends, nowadays drones are used for different purposes. Sometimes they are used for videography or photography and sometimes this drone can follow you like a spy. That is, they can also be used to keep an eye on someone. So friends, if we talk, there are many such areas where there is no fly zone. Like on the border of every country. But many countries leave drones there to keep an eye on you. So in such difficult times, if that drone has to be caught, then our army uses this gun! click here

Friends, this is such a gun that can easily control the frequency of the drone. The job of this gun is to land that drone on the ground safely. So that the detective can be known. Friends, our army uses this gadget. Because the border of our country is “No Fly Zone”. And flying anything over there is prohibited. But if a country flies a drone in our border to spy, then with the help of this gadget, it can be completely controlled. So friends, this is also a very advanced and beneficial gadgets for the security of our country.


Friends, if you are a gaming lover and you play games on your mobile phone, then this gadget is for you. Friends, two things are very important while gaming. One, the experience of sound is very important for you so that it is fun to play the game. And the second thing is the safety of your eyes. Friends, you can use these gadgets for these two things. In appearance, it is just like normal glasses!


Which looks very stylish. But it is a kind of open ear speaker. Which sends the direct voice to your ears. These gadgets have been made in such a way that you will hear its sound clearly. But if the person sitting next to you wants to hear it, he cannot hear it. This gadget is designed keeping in mind the protection of your eyes. This gadget protects your eyes from the rays emanating from the mobile screen. So if you spend most of your time with your mobile phone then you must use this gadget!

Advanced Tech Gadgets LOCKLY SECURE PRO

Friends, if seen, we use normal locking mechanism in homes. But there is a problem with them. If you want to open them, you need a key for that. And if you are not at home and a guest comes to your house and he calls you that he is at your house. So you have to come home from office or work to open your house. So it becomes very difficult in such times. Friends, this is such a gadget i.e. such a lock that you have to put on the door of your house!

And you can also control it completely from your mobile. In this, you get the option of password security in the name of locking mechanism. So that you can generate temporary code from anywhere with the help of your mobile phone and send it to the guest coming to your home. And as soon as your door is open or closed it will send notification to your mobile. Along with this, this gadget also has the option of biometric security. If you want, you can also unlock it using fingerprint. So friends, this is also a very amazing gadget of 2022, if you want, you can use it for your home!


Friends, our future is one way of e-bikes. In today’s time, many people are choosing to buy e-bikes. The reason for this is that it does not cause pollution as well as saves the cost of your petrol and diesel. So if you also want to buy an e-bike which is very small in size, then you can definitely try this gadget. Friends, first of all let’s talk about its size, which is its most important point!


You can also fold this bike. After folding it becomes so small that you can carry it in your backpack. But if we talk about its performance, then it will surely surprise you. Friends, you can take it anywhere in the range of 30 km on a single charge. it maximum speeds is 80 KM per hour. it charging time is 4 to 6 hour. If you also want to buy an e-bike, then you must try this gadget!


Friends, in the coming time, we will get to see many such smart robots. Which are made to do different things. But if we talk about Misa Robot then it is a small toy. Which can be used by children. Which along with playing with him will also help in his learning. But its uses are not limited to this only. click here

There is also a small camera in it. Which also works to take care of your house. That is, if you are in the office or there are many outsiders from home, then you can do patrolling of your house by giving it input. The head of this robot means that there is a screen on its face. Which in itself works as a computer. You can use it as a mobile phone. So that children can do their studies. This is also a very good gadget for kids

FITT 360

Friends, if you are going somewhere for a walk. Or you are going to some place where you want to share the vision. With your family friend, you can use such gadgets. Friends, if we use a normal camera for photography, then it works only on a fixed frame. That is, you can take a photo of a limited place from it. But this gadget can do your videography or photography in 360 degrees!

Visually this gadget looks like a nick band. Which you wear it around your neck. But its camera is very good. It has four cameras which work in different directions. And if you see its footage on the screen, then you will see a full frame at an angle of 360 degrees. So if you also like to make video of your tour, then this gadget will be very beneficial for you!


Friends, you must have often heard from people about the loss of pets. Because many people like to keep pets but their problem is that they are not able to take care of them properly. Because they have to go to office or work. After you go out, many times your stomach also goes out of the house. Sometimes he comes back at home but sometimes he doesn’t come back at home. If this happens to you too, then you can try this type of GPS tracker!


All you have to do is tie this tracker around the neck of your stomach. Which is very small and that tracker has to be connected with your mobile. When your pet starts going out of range, then a notification comes on your mobile. Also you can identify that location with the help of this tracker. And you can easily find your stomach, if you also have a stomach then you can use this gadget!


Friends, you must have seen many camera drones. But if you want a camera drone that you can use as an action camera drone, then this gadget is for you. In this you get to see very advanced features. In this you can record full hd quality video. You must have often seen that the drone needs a remote to operate. But in this drone you get the follow me feature, meaning this drone automatically follows you!

You get a tracker like watch. All you have to do is wear it in your hand, after that start the drone and throw it in the air. After that wherever you go, this drone will follow you while recording. And whenever you want, you can also bring it down with the follow me remote. This is a waterproof drone that you can use even in water.


Friends, solar energy is called the source of energy of the future. Because it has no limitations. If you also want a mobile phone charger that works on solar energy, then this gadget will be great for you. By the way, you can use power bank as an emergency source. But somewhere they have their own limitation. But if you have this solar paper then you will be able to charge your mobile phone anywhere!

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And it doesn’t have any limit. By the way, it is also very small in size. And also you can increase its power by adding multiple panels to it. So this gadget is much funnier than powerbank. you don not even have to charge it. It also charges automatically by sunlight, and charges your mobile as quickly as possible. So this is also a wonderful gadget of 2022!


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